Sunday, April 28, 2013

Feeding My Soul......

When my thoughts and schedule becomes scattered, I find myself slipping, needing to feed my soul, tempt my appetite for Life and restore the glass to half full.  My "go to list" includes:

The soothing lyrics and voice of James Taylor 

Movies that have depth (to me): recently enjoyed The Magic of Belle Isle

Family dinner, with plenty of conversation and laughter

Raising my face to the sun and feeling the therapeutic benefits


Something creative


  Make a difference in someone's Life

   Plan something that brings me joy

A slow dance 

Conversation with a dear friend, full of validation that   
  "we are right!"

    Look through photos of when the boys were little

Read an inspirational book: Random Acts of Kindness Then & Now

Look for the positive, to restore my glass to half full

      Count All Of My Blessings And Give Thanks!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

26.2 Acts of in progress

Chocolate cake for doctor's office staff
Greetings All,

As promised, in today's post I will share the Acts of Kindness that have been taking place in my little part of the world.

AOK # 1 Smiley notes in with bills I was paying over the weekend. Makes me smile thinking about workers finding them as they process the payments.

AOK #2 Yesterday was an early morning doctor's appointment,  I stopped at the bakery and picked up a chocolate pound cake for the office staff. The receptionist beamed because it was her first day back to work after maternity leave and she was feeling blue.

AOK #3 (this one I observed) Patron, who is a teacher, came into the library and paid off the overdue balance of one of her student's.

AOK # 4 While at the market (where you bring your own bags or pay for them) I offered the women next to me, additional bags because she had run out. (this was a tiny one so I think I will call it the .2)

Someone said to me  "Acts of Kindness should not be broadcast, it's as if you are bragging." My reasons differ. I choose to share them in the hope to inspire and encourage others to perform one themselves, as we all strive to make the world a brighter place.

For me, they are serving as a reminder of the tragedy that took place in Boston....and that there is a lot more good in the world than bad.

Please email me with an AOK you have done or observed, so that I may include it in our list to encourage others.  I don't have to use your name, if you rather.

Kindness has no time limit, so join in & Together We Can Do 26.2! 

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Together We Can Do...26.2

Like so many people, I had a week of mixed emotions surrounding the tragic bombings at the Boston Marathon. Random tears and fears presented themselves frequently. I was flooded with thoughts and feelings that I had trouble deciphering. I still do, but I'm not being quite so hard on myself. 

The rational side of my brain knew how truly blessed I am that my 16 year son who had visited the marathon finish line earlier on that dreadful Monday, had returned home safely after the explosions. I know it could have been gravely worse for he and his friends. There were also feelings of relief and great fortune that my older son, who commutes daily via the MBTA to school in Boston, was home safe and sound.

All that being said, I was still battling feelings of sadness and "what if" thoughts. Sharing it with a few people, the common response was "ya' but you can't think that way." I know that,  but I also know we are not in control of all of our thoughts or feelings all of the time.

Midweek I found an offering of peace that brought me to a better place...a more comfortable place with my feelings. I was Blessed to find a link on Soul Parenting's FB page titled
What to do in a (soul) emergency. Towards the bottom of the blog post is an audio link for a seven minute meditation. I closed my eyes and listened to this moving piece, as I let the magic of the soothing directions guide me. The truly beautiful thing is the imagery has stayed with me and I have drawn upon it whenever the flurry of confusing emotions present themselves. (I highly recommend you give a listen if a sense of calm is on your list of things to find)

Today, I am finding it easier to see some of the positive, while being mindful of the results of the tragedy so many are facing. One article that resonated with me is: Boston nurse begins 26 acts of kindness pt.2 The act of joining together, while inspiring random acts of kindness speaks to me.

As a result, I put this out to you dear readers....Together lets total 26.2 (distance of the marathon) acts of kindness/day brightening moments in our own communities. Leave inspirational notes in the market, pay for the person behind you at the coffee shop, help unload the grocery cart of the person in front of you, leave a note to surprise your mailman, my favorite which I will make happen very soon, buy a bunch of balloons or flowers and pass out single ones until they are all gone. Just to brighten a day.

In order to inspire and encourage others (and can keep count) let's share our acts of kindness or whatever we do to brighten someone's day, here in the comments section, (just click on the word "comment") or email me, or post/message me on Facebook.

Together we can complete the 26.2 in honor of all the runners who were not able to.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Life Is











Ever Changing....thank goodness!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Grateful For The Stain..............

Jesus has been seen in burnt toast and a sad face in cereal has also been documented. So when I woke this morning to find a frosting stain on my family room rug, after a teenage boy birthday sleepover, I looked for an image to abate my frustration.

It actually hit me pretty quickly. The smeared frosting did not contain an obvious image, but it did hold a message just the same. Here's what it told me: I am blessed to have an amazing son who is turning 16 in a couple of days. Secondly, by the smudging left behind, he and his friends clearly tried to rub the frosting out, and lastly I am grateful my son has friends in his "go to tribe" that I consider to be really good kids and I'm friends with their Mom's as well. 

So next time you are met with a mess or a moment of frustration, look for the image.......look for the meaning...and who knows Jay Leno may appear before your very eyes.

And now in honor of my birthday boy I will share the blog entry from last year, paying tribute to all we love about him. So just go ahead and change 15 to 16 when you read it.


15 years ago, at 11:17pm, I gave birth to an amazing 8lb 14oz, beautiful baby boy. The truly beautiful part is that when I held him that first moment, looked in his eyes and whispered promises from the depths of my soul, I honestly had no idea how truly amazing the next 15 years would be.

Tribute here to my second born, and his many amazing qualities that still make me smile and remind me how glad I am we are a family of four!

Your creative ~ artsy energy and all that you accomplish with it is just outstanding

The way you listen to a song and ask if I "hear" all the instrument distinctions...once you explain it to me, I CAN hear it the way it was "meant to be heard"

Your easy going personality, along with kindness and willingness towards others.. ESPECIALLY your older brother

Your adventurous side that wants to "do it all"

Your determination when you REALLY want to accomplish something...usually when trying to convince me of something

Your humor and one liners that have been known to "lighten the mood" many times over the years

Your patience with me when you have to repeat "how to" instructions..again and again

The fact that we spent your birthday day together today and when we got home you thanked me for a fun day....not sure many 15 year old sons would feel that way, but it sure did warm my heart

And I must include that you are courteous...which when you were little, you would say it is because your middle name is Curtis 

I am so proud to be your Mom and thank God each and everyday for all the amazing pieces you bring to our family!

Happy Birthday B.......I love you !

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Time To Connect..........

As I sit to write this post today my mind goes blank. Each topic I think about sharing I second guess it's value and whether or not the scope is broad enough to appeal to many readers. Then I wonder if I am questioning it all too much and losing the original breath I gave to my blog...."share my own thoughts and ideas regarding family, Life and my quest for maintaining inner Peace."

The voice of a friend echos in my mind and it hits me....What message am I suppose to be getting out of this feeling??  The answer presents itself and I realize: ......Where is my inner Peace!!! I've let it slip...oh dear..  So today as I refocus my energy, I share ideas that I incorporate into my Life...that keep me present and in the glass half full kind of mood. 

What: Connect With Your Life
       Why: Because you & everyone you 
                       come in contact with will benefit 
When: Each and every day
                         Where: Wherever you feel like it                   

1. Before you lift your head off the pillow each morning, literally smile and commit to the thought that you will find or create special moments in the day.  Habit will set in and the doubts will turn to beliefs.  

2. Dance! Find a song that makes you want to move and just do it. The silly awkward feeling will pass, endorphins kick in and you realize it’s fun!

3. Smile: while driving, while shopping, when feeling stressed

4. S.O.S Make time to do a little something that brings you joy. Expression book, cup of tea,  call a friend, paint,  color,  play jacks,  teach yourself to play the piano…whatever feels like a treat to you. 

5. Give a piece of your time to others. Volunteering to a cause that is passionate to you helps fill your soul and feel connected.   

6. See the good in people and assume the positive before the negative. They don’t know what you are going through, nor do you know what they are.   

7. Read books that motivate, inspire and encourage positive thoughts    

8. Have a “go to tribe”,  Surround yourself with people who motivate you! 

9. Each night write down a handful of things you are grateful for from your day. You will begin to see that you notice so many more things that you just passed by previously. A giggle, a crocus, a song, someone smiling at you, a lighter heart, a tender moment….a memory in the making !

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Take a Break................

Yummy popcorn surprise I like to make!
Sometimes you gotta' take a break...for sanity sake! This weekend was just that for my husband and I. My goal was to provide opportunities to de-compress the tension that so easily builds from day to day tasks. The weekend involved going out to dinner, watching a movie in the middle of the afternoon, Life of Pi (I recommend it for a thought provoking film) agreeing NOT to discuss work..(after all that is the stress inducing component lately) banjo, guitar and piano jam sessions with the boys, reading the newspaper, sharing stories of our various beliefs and answering conversation prompt questions like "if you could bring someone a lifetime of happiness who would it be?"...we both came up with the same person...very sweet!

It was more about a state of mind for our weekend really. And that's what I want to share in my blog post today. 

~ Be mindful dear readers of the stress that can creep in and take over. The simplest of diversions and activities can make all the difference and recharge us for the "other stuff" that can make us grumbly towards others. 

Sundays are a perfect time to order to reconnect for the week ahead! So at whatever point you read this post, think about something playful and distressing that will benefit both you and those you come in contact in the next few days and just do it!!

Strawberry Shortcake coloring I come!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Nearly Missed The Rainbow..................

With the scurrying, gerbil wheel days we frequently lead, it is so easy to miss the fleeting moments that last ever so briefly, but can truly stay with us for hours to come,  when we take the time to catch them.

On a recent afternoon the sunny skies drew dark, as big 'ole raindrops started to fall. The dash began to close car windows and pick up my son and his friends at track practice.  I had 45 minutes to return them each to their homes, pull dinner together and be out the door for an appointment. You all know that gerbil wheel dance right??? The faster you go the more you feel you can get done, things become a blur...but we keep on running.

Well, it's what happens while we do the dance that holds pieces of value....... and for me, it happened Monday afternoon, as the sun started to reappear, I nearly missed the rainbow brightly looking back at me.  There is just something very magical to me about rainbows. The colorful display served as a reminder to me, to be more aware. To stop and look and take a breath!

Another reminder happened this morning as I awoke. (ok it wasn't exactly a dashing moment since I was sleeping five minutes before...but I had to pay attention just the same) The sunlight was gently dancing on my bracelet stand and the sparkle of it made me smile. I dashed to get my camera and as quickly as I thought I had returned, the sun had already shifted. You can see in the photo the sun was traveling to the right end of the bracelets. When I first saw it all the bracelets were glistening. I snapped the picture just the same because it reminds me, things can change in an instant and I want to be able to take it all in before it disappears. No  rainbows or dances of sunlight will be lost on me ~ 
The link above is a special Sesame Street video clip, the boys and I use to sing when they were little. I think that too was suppose to be part of my reminder when I saw the rainbow.... younger days with my little ones.