Saturday, April 20, 2013

Together We Can Do...26.2

Like so many people, I had a week of mixed emotions surrounding the tragic bombings at the Boston Marathon. Random tears and fears presented themselves frequently. I was flooded with thoughts and feelings that I had trouble deciphering. I still do, but I'm not being quite so hard on myself. 

The rational side of my brain knew how truly blessed I am that my 16 year son who had visited the marathon finish line earlier on that dreadful Monday, had returned home safely after the explosions. I know it could have been gravely worse for he and his friends. There were also feelings of relief and great fortune that my older son, who commutes daily via the MBTA to school in Boston, was home safe and sound.

All that being said, I was still battling feelings of sadness and "what if" thoughts. Sharing it with a few people, the common response was "ya' but you can't think that way." I know that,  but I also know we are not in control of all of our thoughts or feelings all of the time.

Midweek I found an offering of peace that brought me to a better place...a more comfortable place with my feelings. I was Blessed to find a link on Soul Parenting's FB page titled
What to do in a (soul) emergency. Towards the bottom of the blog post is an audio link for a seven minute meditation. I closed my eyes and listened to this moving piece, as I let the magic of the soothing directions guide me. The truly beautiful thing is the imagery has stayed with me and I have drawn upon it whenever the flurry of confusing emotions present themselves. (I highly recommend you give a listen if a sense of calm is on your list of things to find)

Today, I am finding it easier to see some of the positive, while being mindful of the results of the tragedy so many are facing. One article that resonated with me is: Boston nurse begins 26 acts of kindness pt.2 The act of joining together, while inspiring random acts of kindness speaks to me.

As a result, I put this out to you dear readers....Together lets total 26.2 (distance of the marathon) acts of kindness/day brightening moments in our own communities. Leave inspirational notes in the market, pay for the person behind you at the coffee shop, help unload the grocery cart of the person in front of you, leave a note to surprise your mailman, my favorite which I will make happen very soon, buy a bunch of balloons or flowers and pass out single ones until they are all gone. Just to brighten a day.

In order to inspire and encourage others (and can keep count) let's share our acts of kindness or whatever we do to brighten someone's day, here in the comments section, (just click on the word "comment") or email me, or post/message me on Facebook.

Together we can complete the 26.2 in honor of all the runners who were not able to.


Stephanie Zanotti said...

Thank you Maria for posting!! I LOVE your ideas you listed!! I can't wait to follow your blog!

Maria said...

Thanks Stephanie! I look forward to reading your venture as well. There is such a great vibe that goes with kindness,isn't there?!


Maria said...

So today I had to get creative with my first Act of Kindness, because I stayed in all day. So to kick of "together we can do 26.2" I included smiley notes in the envelopes of bills I paid today - total of 9. There will be some people smiling when they open their mail this week. :)