Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A TIME TO SMILE............

Saturday, December 1st is almost here. YAY! Three days and counting. I must say I get a giddy rush when I think about it!!

I, along with a handful of family and friends will be kicking off the first (fingers crossed, soon to be annual) Smile & Stars Outing at Emerald Mall in North Attleboro, MA at 9:30 AM.

We are ready to bestow smiles, stars, and good cheer to people we meet.  The unknown 
of the responses is wildly bouncing around inside of me. How many people will we approach? will they be receptive? will they then continue on and share a smile with the next person? Kind of a smile challenge in it's own quirky way.

Ok so a tiny part of me hopes we are confronted by mall security so I can grin from ear to ear, while I explain we are here to brighten shoppers days with smiles and stars...not selling anything, not looking for donations...nothing commercial...just sharing SMILES!

Regardless of how it turns out, although 
I'm pretty hopeful that I will be reporting it was a fantastic experience, we will have accomplished what we set out to do....bring smiles to people we don't know!

These origami stars that we will be giving out, were made with love and laughter last weekend with friends. It was part of the scenario for me. Each star contains a special message inside..words of encouragement and kindness.

***EVEN IF YOU HAVEN'T GOTTEN IN TOUCH WITH ME, AND WOULD LIKE TO ATTEND...COME ON UP TO THE FOOD COURT AT 9:30 am AND JOIN IN, for as short or long as you would like.This is all such an informal wild card, that anything is possible.

Now for folks who are not able to join us...please embark on your own smile spreading crusade, wherever you find yourself Saturday morning. 
We can share stories later! 

There is such power in doing something positive...and starting is the only way to make it happen. So go ahead..make a difference...share a smile!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

This is a "Kinda Reminda"......

Recently, I have written about my desire to be a part of something that is joyful and kind to others. Sharing my thoughts of wanting to spread kindness, listening to the whisper that tries to guide me and being aware to consider what others are going through before I react....not to pass judgement.

All these things, I try and incorporate into my daily Life. Unfortunately, it's not always easy. I have moments and days when the best of intention to go about my day with positive and generous thoughts, falls to the way side. I can be cranky and negative. It's not that I don't still believe in my basic foundation of kindness, compassion and feeding my soul to be able to live genuinely...I completely's just not possible to be that way all the time. Believe me, I have learned the hard way that the stress and anxiety that come along with trying to be so, is unhealthy both physically and mentally.

An example of a moment that I was caught off guard, and did not react positively was called to my attention last week at work.

An older patron (I work in a library) came over and asked if he could speak to me. He proceeded to tell me he had been in the previous week, speaking with a friend. The friend began using inappropriate language, rather loudly. This gentlemen continued to tell me that he noticed me look over and give them a not so nice look. I actually remembered the incident as he retold me the story. What this patron wanted to explain to me was that his friend was recovering from surgery and extremely frustrated with his limitations in the recovery and that his wife of 45 years had suddenly passed away weeks prior. His friend was hurting and glad to run into someone he could talk to. He was feeling so alone.

Of course I felt terrible for giving them "the look", which I know was a knee jerk reaction on my part. I had responded without considering various situations, which I generally try to do. I could have delivered my message of "please watch your language" in a better way.  Thing is at the time, I was feeling protective of our little patrons that had just come out of story time.....I  had just reacted without thinking.

I appreciated him taking the time to explain this to me. It served as a reminder to think and take a breath before responding. There can be a vast difference between "responding" and "reacting" and the answer comes from within....generally in a split second.

We can always use a "kinda reminda".....and I thanked the patron for doing just that.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

You've Got a Match.........

"If you light a lamp for someone, it will brighten your own path." ~The Buddha

Frequently when I find a quote it goes to the top of my mental list, if it strikes a chord with me. Whether it be something I do already...or something I aspire to incorporate into my Life. It either validates or inspires, either way I cherish it. 

When I found this particular quote, I knew I wanted to share it on my blog to kick off the Holiday Season!!!!

Now more than ever is a great time to light a lamp of those around us. For a simple starter, take a split second to say a Cheerful Hello to some one you pass in a parking lot, or in a store. It takes so little effort and the reward is so big.  It feels a bit out of the box...which I like! While walking to my car today, I smiled and said "Hello" to a women passing me. She looked up and said "Oh hello, Happy Thanksgiving!"

I've got say it felt very small town Norman Rockwell. We each smiled and went on our way. I really liked it and it caused me to do it even more on my next stop. Rewards were just as good as the first.

So go ahead and make a conscious effort to look up and light some one's lamp with your words and smile. It comes right back around and does indeed light your own path. 

Let me take another moment to share/plug my plan of Smiles and Stars on December 1st at Emerald Mall! Meeting at 9:30 ~ Get in touch with me if you are able to join in. Additional info at

This outing provides a hands on opportunity to brighten some one's a very fun and simple way!

Sunday, November 18, 2012


Turkey is in the oven, cans of black olives, cranberry sauce and corn are at the ready to be opened..table is set and all the other "must do" items on the Thanksgiving To Do list are almost done.

The beauty is family and I are celebrating Thanksgiving in just a few hours. Family is on their way in from NY, as the smell of turkey wafts through our home.

We have had this tradition for several years....different years for different reasons...but all about family & being together. I must say it's much easier having it are not crazy busy, turkey selection is plentiful, travel is smoother with less people on the road and the "other" Thanksgiving on the Thursday, can be about visiting just my husband's side of the family and we don't have to dash off. 

Perhaps the most beautiful part is the additional time to reflect on all that I am thankful for. I will share with you just a few. Now before you read my list...don't get me wrong I am so very Thankful for family, health and being together...but now I am going to share other things that I appreciate and give thanks for all year long.

                      The warmth of the electric blanket as I crawl into bed 

      Laughter & shouts of father & son playing Madden Football on the Wii
                                       Crisp, bright sunny mornings

                               Tea and toast w/ a dab of peanut butter

                                 The words "can I get you anything?"

             Sound of "love you"...each morning before my oldest son leaves  
             for school or says goodbye on the phone

                    My thoughts, words and a clear mind to process them
          The whisper of "wake me if you need anything" before my husband
          falls asleep

         ....and yes the gift of family, friends and the feeling of being Loved!


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Feel The Pull................

"Let yourself be silently drawn by that strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray."    ~ Jalaluddin Rumi

It's the unknown and the "strange pull" that holds me back so frequently. However, of recent I feel that easing....YAY!  I find myself looking to the unfamiliar and being intrigued with what it may hold for me. The Smiles & Stars outing I mentioned in my previous post, comes to mind. I feel the love of an interest and I consider it and even begin to explore it.... and in that case, making it happen on December 1st.

So perhaps it is more accurate to say "the unknown" and the "strange pull" HELD me back so frequently."

It is now trusting and believing that it will not lead me astray and and in the event it does, it is something I can handle.....and perhaps it will open up possibilities I never considered. After all, I believe in Love and the many gifts it can bring to my Life.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Smile Stars....Save The Date..........

                            I'm Excited To Invite You To The First......

         ~Simple Kindness Gesture Outing~

Join in the kindness fun, Saturday, December 1st as we share stars and smiles at Emerald Square Mall, in North Attleboro, MA.

It's as simple as this: meet at the food court for a brief informational pep rally of sorts with our kindness tribe.

Then we will walk around the mall as a group, sharing smiles, good cheer and stars (which contain special messages) for as short or as long you like.

Our goal is to simply brighten a moment of unsuspecting shoppers, as we brighten our own day as well.

Keep in mind, when things feel out of your comfort zone, it usually means that something really good is about to happen! I believe this has that potential. We're going for the vibe!

So come on and let me know you will be joining in. You can
FB message, comment, or email me at . I will then be in touch with additional specifics.

Now, for readers not in the immediate area of this mall, please consider doing something similar in your town. We can swap stories of how we are all covering our own part of the world with kindness.

Good cheer, kindness & smiles has no boundaries!

bowl of stars image courtesy of

After The Storm.........

The recent storm of Sandy, left behind insight to last a Lifetime. The minor 30 hours my family and I were without electricity proved to be merely an inconvenience. At the time, it felt a bit more irritating and a tad claustrophobic to me, yet it also yielded family time that consisted of games, laughter and music being made.

It wasn't until we regained power, I was able to see the true devastation left behind for so many others along the East coast. The heartbreaking images before me, hurt my heart to look at....I couldn't imagine living it.....but imagine it I must, to live outside my own feel compassion and empathy toward others.

Such loss...for so many!

The inconvenience/frustration of fallen trees, electricity lost and spoiled food, pales in comparison to the loss of homes and lives.

The storm and it's aftermath provides us an ideal opportunity to look beyond our own immediate consider the larger impact, and not lose sight of the world beyond our front door.

I believe it is this approach in Life that allows us to attempt to be engaged and connected to the world around us......all in an effort to lead a genuine and authentic Life!

Peace ~