Sunday, July 29, 2012

Receive Don't Resist................

So here is my new theory..........which incidentally I passed by a stressed cashier last week and he totally thought it made sense, so I could be on to something.

The more we are able to "receive" what comes our way, rather than "resist", the less stress we will feel...and I think we can all agree that being less stressed is a better way to live!

I try to remain aware, so that when I start to feel I am on the defense, I quickly turn it around. When feeling defensive regardless of what anyone says to me you can be pretty sure my response will be sourly negative and maybe even nasty. Now I know what the people who know me are thinking: "Maria nasty? You've got to be kidding" and then there are a tiny few...ok hopefully only a couple of you who really know me are thinking "yeah Maria can get nasty all right."

Negativity can certainly build and create a thick defensive layer, which over time pushes people away. If it's natural to resist what comes our way, nothing can ever land on a soft welcoming place.

                Here is what I try to do when I find myself defensive and resisting the moment:

Shrug my shoulders a few times to release the stress in my neck
Silently ask myself "is this really something to get worked up about?" 
Take a few deep cleansing breaths
Ask myself  "will this matter tomorrow?"
Consider what the other person is going through, that has resulted in them saying or doing something to me that is hurtful or discouraging

 .........if none of the above seems to help, I revert to something my amazing nephew taught me.

        "When in an uncomfortable situation, to break the tension, simply say...
I love Unicorns!"

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

On The Cusp....

As I begin typing this post the counter on my blog is reading 1996 views...So very exciting to feel that it has arrived at this point, since October 2011 when I "jumped in with out my floaties". Almost 2000 and that doesn't count the people who read it in their email....YAY!

The part that really warms my heart is the thought that my feelings and words may be making a difference for someone. My intention from the very beginning of my blog was to reveal parts of me, as I continue on my journey for inner peace, and perhaps help others, whether it be by brightening their day, empowering them to see the ability they have to touch others lives or simply the importance of taking care of ourselves, so we are there for each other.

A special Thank you and shout out to those who have supported my venture, by promoting and passing along my blog link to family and friends.....along with your heartfelt emails and all keeps me going!

Yikes...just peeked again and counter at 1999!

Cheers To Us!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

No Fool Here...............

This week it occurred to me that ....we can't give what we don't have! So let's go ahead and fill our hearts with joy and happiness, and a little compassion that we can share it with others...and when the stars line up correctly, it'll make it's way back to us!

So in order to cap off my "smile tank" I like to watch YouTube videos while on the treadmill (and who are we kidding, also to help pass the time) Today my videos of choice were "Flash Mob" videos. One of my favorites is a Sound of Music one taking place in a train station.

I think the reason I like watching them so much, is how I feel when seeing the expressions on the bystanders as this unexpected interruption in their routine unfolds in front of them. It takes them from "keeping to themselves" to becoming unified in a moment with others that feels good. Seeing that makes me feel happy and puts a smile on my face.

Makes sense to me, good things happen when we step out of our social comfort touch the lives of others..... as we enhance our own! Guess it goes back to what my Mama taught me..."treat others the way you want to be treated" and let me just say...... "my Mama didn't raise no fool' "!

If you want to check out the Flash Mob video on YouTube you can find it at:

Thursday, July 19, 2012

 I Believe In......

 The goodness of people, even if sometimes it's hard to see

Creating a quiet moment in each just listen

The magic touch of a stranger's smile

The innocence of children & allowing them to be that way for a long time

Holding on real tight when you find someone to love


Making an effort for the benefit of others

That charged feeling when people join together for a common cause

Making an effort for the benefit of......... Me

The power of an Act of Kindness

I believe in.................... getting excited about my Life!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

For The Love Of Art...............

As I contemplated what to write about today, I flipped open a book ~ Shambhala the Sacred Path of the Warrior, and read a passage that made something "click",  it read....."what the warrior renounces is anything in his experiences that is a barrier between himself and others. In other words, renunciation is making yourself more available, more gentle and open to others."

I believe this practice to be so helpful in touching others with kindness. By releasing the barriers and thoughts that add no value in Life, we can be ready to shed a little kindness through out our day....little side note..sometimes it's really hard to muster up that good vibe, but I find tricking my mind is all it takes sometimes.

Recently, we were visiting an art museum and participating in the hands on activities of the Open House. Things were very hectic and the security guards were looking pretty stressed, as large crowds wandered the floors of very valuable artwork.

As we were leaving I went over to one of the stoic men and said in a cheerful whisper "you are looking so serious" to which he replied "crowds this size make us nervous around priceless originals". I leaned in a little closer and asked "are you at least smiling on the inside" as I tapped my heart. He broke out into the biggest grin....and thanked me! Now granted this situation could have taken a turn if he wasn't receptive to my "serious" comment, but I'm pretty much always ready to take the risk if I think I've got a good chance of brightening someone's day. Maybe I should have a safety net in place if one of these times it doesn't go quite so well. Somebody would come bail me out ...Right? Who has my back???

This is just a tiny example of sharing a little kindness. It brought a moment of levity to this security guard's day....and mine as well, as we shared a smile. We've all had experiences where we have participated in moments like this. It's one of those things that feels good for all parties involved.

So how about we look to increasing the times we initiate tiny acts of kindness...simply with a smile........simply with our words......simply for those around us!


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Today I Will...........

Dance while folding the laundry

Engage someone I don't even know in small talk

Randomly place 2 "kindness changes everything" stickers out in public

Turn up the radio real loud...and sing even louder

Hug each of my family members and tell them 3 things I love about them

Notice the beauty around me and really "see" the detail

Sit silently for 7 minutes and just "be" (5 seems way too short)

Blow bubbles & remind myself that feeling like a kid takes the edge off

Today I will...engage in these tiny things, that together will continue me on my quest to lead a genuine, authentic and peaceful Life....would love for you to join me!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Call Me Jackson..........................

Nineteen years ago tonight I gave birth to an amazing baby boy. He kissed our lives with tenderness from the very first moment we saw him. Only minutes old I held him and looked into his "black olive" eyes and made him promises to last a lifetime. I remember feeling so excited!

I think back to those first few days at home with this fragile being. As new parents it took the two of us to keep this precious person alive....or so it felt at the time. We did everything together...sterilize the bottles for the correct amount of time....alcohol on umbilical cord....vaseline on circumcision ...wouldn't want to mix those up.

It was such a bonding time. As a couple we relied on each other so much and this little person relied on us even more. We were building a foundation at the time and we didn't even realize it. We laid our son between us and just watched him sleep. The bond was strong. I can still recall all those feelings in the very beginning.....overwhelmed, delighted, and in love.

Fast forward 19 years later and there is a young man in front of me. The foundation we laid is there, but the incredible person he is now, that is all him. It warms my heart to see a loyal, hardworking, opinionated, talented individual. Such a joy to see all that lies ahead for him. I am still filled with feelings of being overwhelmed, delighted and full of love.....each have served me well in the past and I look forward to all they will show me in the future.

Happy Birthday Doodle......I love you!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

I Like To Share..................

"Life is an opportunity to satisfy the hunger and thirst of the soul" ~ Unknown

The awakening / realizing that my Life is in fact just amazing opportunity to satisfy that thirst and hunger of my soul, is so liberating. What I find both truly overwhelming and interesting, is discovering what those particular "things" are!

Lately, I have this feverish rush in my mind of so many things I want to do!... That I can do anything! (of course "anything" within the framework of my neurotic limitations......which I am totally ok with & work on continuously) The thing is this, all the thoughts and opportunities that race through me, motivate me and keep me inspired and engaged in my Life. 

I have no clue at this point where it will ultimately take me, but that's not what I'm going after. This is not a "let's go, so we can get back" kind of thing.  I organize and take notes of my ideas and sort through the overwhelming feelings that can frequently limit me....and sometimes I just throw caution to the wind and jump in with out my floaties!

 I truly believe I'm working towards an aha! moment that will reveal it's amazing self before long. Until then I am buckling up and enjoying the ride.

Sharing my thoughts pretty openly in my blog is part of my is a piece of figuring things out for me and in doing so maybe it'll be an aha! moment for someone else. It is not meant to be the answers for everyone....they are my answers, to a positive, genuine Life for me....and sharing in the world is a pretty good thing!

Be Well!