Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Yes! Roots & Wings.........

Here you are looking at wings!
Throughout my time as a mom I have looked to create the gentle balance I felt my boys needed. This included foundation concepts that I hoped would carry them through life. They saw times of compassion and empathy as a way to accept and not judge others. We had fun with Random Acts Of Kindness, which included paying for the person behind us at toll booths. At the not so joyful moments, there were arguments and disagreements, translating to me as opportunities for Life Lessons...which I must add was met with resistance because "can't we just be mad?" was frequently the response I received. I get it now....ironically that was MY time to learn.

It was important in my mind to "pave the way" so things would run smoothly on a day to day basis. A therapist once said to me "smooth now will mean bumpy later, they need to figure things out." Thank you Dr. R.

There really wasn't a time table in my mind when these roots would be established enough for their wings to fly. Oh I certainly saw it along the way. Drivers licenses, girlfriends and part time jobs all showed me they were getting older. Milestones and memories filled my Mama Bank.

Regardless of what the future would hold, I wanted them to feel the power and love of our family of four! I envisioned whether near or far (ok only pictured near) we would remain a family of love and support. Believing "as parents the best gift we can give our children are roots and wings" became my husband and my mantra when they were very young.

And here we are....like someone flipped a switch, I am living that future that once felt oh so far away. This past weekend my oldest son moved 2974.5 miles for a great job opportunity in LA. (yes, I could have said 3000 miles, but I'm still adjusting) 

There are a range of emotions for me for sure, but my biggest is EXCITEMENT for him!!! 

This is what we do as parents. We get them ready for moments just like this. So that they can say yes!  And for me, yes there are the occasional tears and reassuring whispers (I'm silently repeating to myself, 10 years or less...10 years or less...)  But when I see his smile and the opportunities being offered to him, I smile from ear to ear too, because as a mom that's what I always wanted to do ~ Encourage a life of discovery in a world of possibilities!

So here you are my Dear Zachery, it's your time to truly soar....may you always feel the love, strength and support of our family of four!