Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Whatever our individual troubles or challenges may be, it is important to pause every now and then to appreciate all that we have, on every level. ~ Shakti Gawain

For me loosing sight of the gifts in my Life (and I mean that in the most non materialistic way) can sneak up on me without my even realizing it. I know this to be true when I am feeling overwhelmed or discouraged. I focus more on the negative and dip into a place that is not so grateful, but thankfully not too frequent.

We can all use reminders to take a personal inventory of what we truly have....but here's where the rub comes in for me. When I am feeling low...sometimes I want to be there for just a little bit. I had to figure out why it bothers me when I share with someone how I am feeling and for them to reply "yeah but...you have a loving family, good health etc"........on the inside I am saying....."yes I know all that, but right now this is how I am feeling!" And that's when I got it...I want to be heard and understood!....I guess because it validates me. This thought process allowed me to then realize, their response comes from a place of wanting to "make it right" for me....and for that I am appreciative.

So I'm putting it out there in case others feel similar.... I Feel.....it is ok to have those times of feeling low and loosing sight of our blessings....as long as it's not a place we stay for any length of time. It is certainly much better to be living in a place of being engaged with our lives, connecting with others and most importantly appreciating all that we have....and quite honestly, sometimes after being in a low place, I can appreciate more greatly all the blessings in my Life.

                                                    Gifts In My Life
         The true love of a man who knows when to hold my hand and when to let it go

          Sons who remind me daily, with their actions, that family is what truly matters

                    A "go to tribe" of family and friends that embrace me

                     Believing in myself........more often than not



Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Touch 'em with kindness...................

"The little things? The little moments? They aren't little! " ` Jon Kabat-Zinn

There is such value and importance in what seems like the tiniest of things. For a second think of how great it feels when a stranger holds the door open for us, offers a random compliment, allows us to go ahead of them in the check out line, co workers greeting us with a smile, or finding a note of encouragement from a loved one. It all feels good!!

Each take only a moment...but they are conscious choices that tells others we care, that we believe in kindness....and that we are living outwardly and are aware that everyone is going through "something" and can use a bright spot in their day. They are not alone on their journey! It is this "pay it forward" energy that builds momentum.

It is my belief that we have a responsibility to others to be kind and empathetic. It is a choice I make daily. Responsibility then transitions into desire and before you know it, lives are being touched with both kindness and tenderness. 

This is a cycle of Life that I believe in. This is.....my choice!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

We've "Got Milk !"........

Is it.....writer's block....thinking too much....over analyzing...too many ideas???? Yes! Yes! Yes! and definitely Yes!! So lets just roll with it and see where it takes us.....


Started reading a book that has inspired/motivated me already (and only on page 43)
"29 Gifts: how a month of giving can change your whole Life"

Visited with a friend that I don't see enough....and we didn't miss a beat

Had a blast unpacking my childhood dollhouse furniture to pass along to my fabulous niece!

Swapped vacation pictures with family members via email and smiled

Joyfully watched as my husband spent time pursuing creative interests

Spent time, AGAIN explaining to T Mobile that our cell reception is horrible, to then be told that it is because of LEAVES ON THE TREES and it'll be even worse when it rains...Really??

Purchased tons of pellets for the cold weather, in the hopes that we won't need them too soon.
(although winter could be our season for better cell reception )

Took a look through my memory drawer and was reminded of the great kids I have, and that I do miss some of the younger years

Scrubbed down the fridge after what appears to be an overnight leak from the milk 
       (we go through 7 gallons a week, it's bound to happen once in a while)

Memorable time hanging out with friends in Newport, where it wasn't AS cold, as I initially thought

Discovered many, many tiny ants in the kitchen

Attended an outdoor concert, where I danced & sang a whole bunch

Gave Thanks!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Everybody Wins..................

What do you want?? Wow that can sound many different ways depending on how you read it ~ my intention in this instance is to question what we need on a day to day basis to stay emotionally positive.  As routine sets in and we find ourselves in automatic, robotic mode,  it's hard to recognize the good/positive and genuine. The thing is, it is still there... it gets clouded and murky, we must work at bringing it to the surface and shining it up. We forget to put that practice into the routine of our day.

I've written previously about my S.O.S. theory. (Something of Substance) and the important role it plays in my Life. It literally goes on my To Do list a couple of days a week. Take time for me and do something however small that helps remind me how important my own well being is. Funny story...ok funny now, not so much this past weekend. My dear husband and I were out doing errands and we needed to make a return at a local store. As we walked in he said he was heading over to look at something in the men's department. Like somebody flipped a switch I was all "WHY IS IT MY JOB TO GO DO THE RETURN AND YOU CAN GO LOOK AT WHATEVER YOU WANT???" Crazy right?? What was I thinking???

I then chuckled and said "Geez....clearly I haven't been getting enough of my S.O.S. time and I'm feeling depleted." And it was true! I was feeling the tug of getting back from vacation, catching up on laundry, restocking the fridge, doing "stuff" for my family. I had lost sight of my individual needs and a loved one was catching the brunt of it and getting a far from a positive response from me. No one wins in that case.

Yes, there is this sense of guilt when we take time for ourselves, and how wonderful it would be if a family member randomly said, "go take some time for you, you've been doing so much lately" but c'mon now this is not a movie. That's why I feel it is key to establish an S.O.S. regularly into our days. When you really stop and think about it, it IS something we are doing for others. Once recharged we can handle the routines and whatever life throws at us just a little kinder.

So needless to say, when we got home I took some time to myself to re-calibrate. Once replenished I vowed to get back on track with taking care of me............and sharing with others a gentler, kinder and more rational....Me!

 My recommendation to you my friends, is to go ahead and take a little S.O.S time for you...and the loved ones in your lives!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Confident Art.............

"Confidence, like art, never comes from having all the answers; it comes from being open to all the questions" ~Earl Gray Stevens

Typically there is comfort for me in answers. I may not always like what the answer is....but knowing what is expected, or correct, traditionally keeps me more level headed and more importantly anxiety free. OK not exactly anxiety free, but definitely anxiety manageable.

Here's the thing....while on this personal inner journey I am questioning answers, and certainly opening myself more frequently to the questions. With this, there is an increased level of stress, but all still with in a manageable range. The sweet reward, of being open to the questions is a real sense of confidence! This confidence for me, assists in navigating the sometimes turbulent waters. It seems to broaden my world and provide gifts, I otherwise wouldn't have experienced. 

One gift of recent that I hold onto dearly, is the heartfelt connections and conversations I have been having with people since I have honestly opened myself to others. I think frequently as a society there is this "having it all together" facade, which in my opinion is a disservice to others. (not to mention totally draining and dysfunctional) It's a protective mechanism, I get it...... feeling vulnerable is scary....I know.....I'm living it!  However, by putting myself out there and sharing my deeper thoughts...and clearly that "I DON'T have it all together" people are sharing with me. Connections are being made and conversations are genuine!

I feel the above quote speaks to the willingness and desire to reach our fullest emotional potential. Taking responsibility for our personal path and how rich we want it to be. By no means will it always be a smooth ride....that would be mundane...but if we remain open to the questions, and true to our hearts, we are sure to create our own work of Art.... a lifetime of authentic goodness!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Family Vacation Thoughts..........

While on vacation this week, with my extended family.......I thought of my blog frequently. It was during moments of feeling connected to whatever we were doing, or when I was feeling extremely grateful for my family....I wanted to share my joy and how truly blessed I am...capture it in my blog....kind of a modern day, technology inspired, "shout it from the roof tops".

When I thought about it in greater detail, I realized it was more about wanting that feeling to be experienced by others!  That feeling of connecting with your people and adding value to the time you have with them, by making it genuine!

 It occurred to me on this vacation, that the more we are our true selves the more "real" we are to our relationships.  It should not be about judging, criticizing, correcting, or trying to impress. It is more about being authentic and to truly listen with an open heart, accept, empathize, encourage and agree that different ideas or ways of thinking are not wrong, they are just that.....different!

I am truly blessed to have a family, who I will admit, are a cast of characters...present company very included. I may not always "get" them and I know they don't always "get" me......but just the same, individually we are each our own person and together with all our quirkiness...we are, well...the part that truly matters most..... FAMILY!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Looking Back.........

Well, scooting out for a few days of family bonding time, and not sure if I will fit technology into the mix. So for folks who have started reading my blog more recently... (Thank you shout out to the readers from France, Germany, Russia, United Kingdom..sure do appreciate you joining in)  there are over 50 posts archived off to the right, that offer more of a glimpse into my thoughts!

And now for the people who have been with me from the beginning (huge Thank you shout out to all of you...you keep me going) here is just a jovial quick post until I return. Be well my friends and remember to BT2U...Be True To You!

My(Silly)Wish List

Hearing "sure Mom, I'll do it right now"

Corn on the cob for lunch

Fitting Room mirrors that don't distort 
(they do..right??)

Gas in the car

Opening the dryer to fold laundry and it's empty

Smell of dinner and I didn't make it

No toothpaste globs in the sink

Calories removed from chocolate covered... anything salty

My(Serious)Wish List

Peace on Earth

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Memory Lane...Makes Me Smile !

So here's a little something only a handful of people know about me!  I have a small stash of toys, that makes me feel like a kid whenever I take them out. This special collection consists of a coloring book -Strawberry Shortcake, Crayola crayons... (Oops I actually bought those two items recently because I like coloring and it was fun to shop for them......and it had to be Crayola because they are the only brand that gives me a flashback when I smell them) a set of jacks and a super ball, barrel of monkeys, a really big marble and perhaps my real favorite....the original Fisher Price dog! 

Now here's the thing, I very rarely take these toys out but whenever I do, they bring me joy and a sense of playfulness. Sometimes I think just by knowing they are in my drawer brings me comfort. They do occasionally qualify for my S.O.S ..Something Of Substance....for the day.

Just the leisure of reminiscing of other childhood toys brings a smile to my face. Staple items of my childhood pastime included, Kiddle, Dawn and Baby Tender Love dolls, Chinese jump rope (I played cats cradle with it also for hours) Spirograph &Tiddly Winks. And who can forget phrases like...Red rover red rover, Ollie Ollie Oxen Free, My mother punched your mother,(how nasty was that???) and another classic....One potato, two potato"?

So go ahead, put together a collection of memorable toys or trinkets and feel your day be brightened, because......"Tag You're It!"