Thursday, September 26, 2013

Bloom Where You Are Planted...................

Frequently we are faced with times in our lives that are far less than wonderful. We are forced into stressful situations, loss of a loved one, health issues that take on a life of their own, or the end of a relationship, all leaving us trying to survive.

It is in the looking back at these times of confusion and heartache, we discover our strength, determination and often times a power that we never knew we had.

This is a tribute to my friends and family members going through really difficult times. You must believe there is a strength within you that you WILL find. It may not come today or a week from today, but it will show it's face to you and you will welcome it with a realization that you can breath without sadness, without pain and without being struck with panic.

When we have hope, we can move forward......we can bloom where we are garlic chives in the driveway!

Friday, September 20, 2013

My Dirty Laundry.......................

By nature I look for deeper meanings, I look for symbolism and the message behind the image. I like to find purpose, deeper than just the obvious. Don't get me wrong I know the obvious and I am not living in a rose colored glasses kind of world. (I'm reminded of that frequently) It's just something that I enjoy doing from time to time, to make the mundane a bit more enjoyable.

 So as I walked pass the laundry room today, I couldn't help but think..."what's that laundry telling me?"

With further contemplation I realized, it reminds me...

That I am Blessed to have family to create such a pile, I have a home where I can do the laundry, that I didn't make the laundry a priority for a few days and I've been doing others things...which I enjoyed a whole lot more, and in the fun reminds me that with a pile that size I will make the time to crank the tunes and do a little "rock and fold" for a few hours. 

So see, sometimes it really is ok to air our dirty just all depends how you look at it!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Be Creative and Courageous....................

Tapping into my artsy side today, I delighted in cutting and pasting.  Not the modern day "cut & paste" as in on the computer, but the 'ole fashion way with scissors & paste..... hands on ~ collage style.

Inspired by children's author Peter H. Reynolds' book The Dot along with  International Dot Day  [ which is everyday you honor courage and creativity] The Seekonk Public Library invited the community to "decorate a dot" and share them with the library to put them on display this week.

I took on the playful assignment and got lost in it. It brought me back to my younger years, when I would spend hours flipping through magazines to find words to cut out that "described me" and expressed who I was, even if I felt like I didn't know at the time.

I remember making posters, covering old cigar boxes and even gluing clippings on old bottles, all while listening to endless songs on "The Best of Bread" album.... wow! don't know where I just pulled that out of, but I am having major flashbacks.

Today as I contemplated how I wanted to decorate my dot, I welcomed the familiar collage process as my discovery of expressing myself creatively unfolded.  The words began to fill "my dot" as memories filled my heart. A quick jump over to Pandora Radio and Bread's "Baby I'm a Want You"  then easing into the Carpenters' "Close To You"  poured from my speakers.

 A smile quickly appeared as I thought back to those years gone by and the teenage angst that came with them. My collages were dark, I was lost...back then it felt like it would always be that way..oh the smile is because the adult me can now tell the teenage me....See I told you it would get better.

My dot collage of today is light and I no longer feel lost....... not all the time anyway.

Celebrate your own International Dot Day...and feel the strength that honoring courage and creativity can bring!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

9/11 Never Fades........................

Alone with my thoughts....they race. I sit to type a post to my blog..they race. At times I feel as if I need a decoder ring to figure out what it all means. What I do know is it has caused me not to post as often.

Life gets in the way.....time scurries by and the page remains blank. So for today, I quiet the racing, don't question the judging and type....I am feeling pensive.

On this anniversary of tragic events twelve years ago, we still hold the vivid images, remembering where we were in detail, the heartache for so many that will always remain and the numb feeling that stayed with us for months, is still within reach.

One of the pieces that stood out for me during that horrific time, was the amazing connection with strangers that took place all around us. Everyone wanting to help! I remember hearing a story of a shoe store owner in NY throwing sneakers into the streets, as barefoot victims tried to run to safety through the rubble. The stories of good are endless. We all functioned in a dazed state. Asking a total stranger how they were doing. We had a common thread. I remember thinking at the time "it was so sad that something so awful and Life shattering had to happen to have people talk to each other, offer comfort, show concern or be more understanding".

My "take away"?.... "that living a Life of compassion, patience and peace goes so much further for the good, rather than the struggles that come along with living defensively in our day to day routines."

So I try and act on the little things that can make a difference...remind us that we are all connected and walking each other home.

Had fun yesterday while out on errands. I smiled and said hello to many people, and I got the same in felt good!

I chatted with a friend who is struggling and then shared my own stresses. We supported and reassured each felt good!

While at the market, I helped an elderly women load groceries in her felt good!

We must stop, think and sometimes make the decision to be conscious of others and how we can make them feel. We have the choice to make it memorable for them as positive rather than negative.

Giving of ourselves on whatever level we can, has benefits that continuously unfold, build momentum and teach our children the important role we all play in seeing others in a positive light.

May the memory of 9/11 bring forth the good and the power that the positive energy can bring.


Sunday, September 1, 2013

My Week In Pictures................

Wow this week school starts for my second born, job starts for first born and quiet house, which translate into writing time for me, returns. I've lost writing time due to the lack of family schedule. That being said I have captured pictures as I thought of blog entries. The house is far from quiet this evening (which is ok because the sounds of laughter and playful chaos feels really really good). Just same, the feeling of wanting to post "something" prevails. So enjoy my week in style.

My modern day Tom Sawyers

I keep a baggie in the laundry room for things that are found in the wash. 
It reveals a lot!

First one up on vacation...I win the prize...beautiful sunrise

Photo: Elderly #couple walking on the #beach through the #fog this #morning in #maine.
Fog rolled in on the beach & Zach took this pic of a sweet older couple

Getting ready to pay for the car behind us...

Wanting to share more kindness today than I did yesterday!