Sunday, April 28, 2013

Feeding My Soul......

When my thoughts and schedule becomes scattered, I find myself slipping, needing to feed my soul, tempt my appetite for Life and restore the glass to half full.  My "go to list" includes:

The soothing lyrics and voice of James Taylor 

Movies that have depth (to me): recently enjoyed The Magic of Belle Isle

Family dinner, with plenty of conversation and laughter

Raising my face to the sun and feeling the therapeutic benefits


Something creative


  Make a difference in someone's Life

   Plan something that brings me joy

A slow dance 

Conversation with a dear friend, full of validation that   
  "we are right!"

    Look through photos of when the boys were little

Read an inspirational book: Random Acts of Kindness Then & Now

Look for the positive, to restore my glass to half full

      Count All Of My Blessings And Give Thanks!

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