Sunday, April 7, 2013

Take a Break................

Yummy popcorn surprise I like to make!
Sometimes you gotta' take a break...for sanity sake! This weekend was just that for my husband and I. My goal was to provide opportunities to de-compress the tension that so easily builds from day to day tasks. The weekend involved going out to dinner, watching a movie in the middle of the afternoon, Life of Pi (I recommend it for a thought provoking film) agreeing NOT to discuss work..(after all that is the stress inducing component lately) banjo, guitar and piano jam sessions with the boys, reading the newspaper, sharing stories of our various beliefs and answering conversation prompt questions like "if you could bring someone a lifetime of happiness who would it be?"...we both came up with the same person...very sweet!

It was more about a state of mind for our weekend really. And that's what I want to share in my blog post today. 

~ Be mindful dear readers of the stress that can creep in and take over. The simplest of diversions and activities can make all the difference and recharge us for the "other stuff" that can make us grumbly towards others. 

Sundays are a perfect time to order to reconnect for the week ahead! So at whatever point you read this post, think about something playful and distressing that will benefit both you and those you come in contact in the next few days and just do it!!

Strawberry Shortcake coloring I come!

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