Thursday, October 31, 2013

November Pledge..............

It's here...cozy weather! Mulled cider, pumpkin bread, furry slipper socks, fire in the fire place, curling up with a book, someone to cuddle and instrumental music, it all brings me comfort! It doesn't just happen. We need to make the time & effort to see to it that it does.

November is the month of giving thanks, that's for sure! So in keeping with that I've decided to put a spin on it for myself this year, and invite you Dear Readers to join in. Traditionally, I reflect on my Blessings that I am thankful for. I am certainly feeling grateful for many Blessings, but in addition, this year I want to create things that once I reflect back on them, I will be thankful I DID them!

To kick things off, I sat down and wrote a note to a friend, that I have not seen in a long time. Sure I could have emailed, text, or FB messaged, but I wanted to have an experience, for both of us. So with a Sweet Dreams cup of tea by my side, meditation music playing on the Bose, (no sound like it) I put pen to paper and shared my thoughts.

It was a relaxing time that felt a touch of "Little Women", writing in front of the warmth of the fireplace. It was something I slowed down to do and enjoy. As I completed the letter and put it in the envelope, I pictured her finding this little surprise in her mailbox and the smile it would bring to her day....I know it certainly brought one to mine.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Believe In You.........

Feeling sad when Life goes awry, I reflect on what I believe in, to make things right in my world again.....

I believe in the power of people working together 

I believe in taking care of myself when I have the ability to change a situation 

I believe in kind words

I believe in friends and the comfort they can bring

I believe in the good of people before assuming otherwise

I believe in sharing kindness, compassion and smiles

I believe in the power of sitting quietly and listening to nothing, yet hearing so much

I believe in living a full Life....and knowing it's up to me to create it

I believe in me!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Notice the funny...........

Crazy busy week here at our house. Each dashing around doing our own thing,  lead to some texting "good nights", some Facebook catch ups to see what they were up to with work and sports and thankfully there was a little bit of overlapping with being home at the same time.

Found myself holding on to the one liners and chuckles I overheard while we were home together:

"My heart is congested with love for this new guitar."

"Finding a box of hidden honey buns in the cupboard, is like the government holding out on releasing a cure for cancer...they know it's good for the people, but they don't want to let it go".

Finally getting home and walking into his bedroom to drop off some things, before heading back downstairs for something to eat, at 11:30 pm..."it is taking every ounce of energy I have not to fall onto my bed and not wake up until noon tomorrow."

"I was more out of my element than jumping around at Sky Zone."

"Apparently the language barrier was pretty strong, I would ask a business question and she would just giggle."

Him: "I'm going to be outside trying something that may look dangerous, but I'll be fine"
Me: "What are you going to be doing?"
Him: " Well it involves fire, that's all I know right now"

and my favorite..."hey does anyone know why there are 7 toothbrushes in the downstairs bathroom and only 4 of us live here??"

Find the chuckles in your day....sometimes they can make all the difference in the world ~

Monday, October 14, 2013

Having It All........................

Recently a friend at work asked "do you think anyone can have it all?" My quick response was "definitely NOT!" I stated my reasons which included frequently people aren't satisfied & are constantly looking for more. 

As I woke this morning I reflected on the question again and I realized, my answer to her was not complete. I do believe you can have it all! It simply hinges on what we each want. It's about being happy and content with what you go after, and what you already have.

I am Blessed in my Life to have a friend who truly has it all. She will be the first to tell & inspire you about her beautiful home that is filled with her special touches. Including scrolls that decorate her walls because she is drawn to them, a sprig of mums sweetly placed in her birdbath because it broke off the plant, a son and daughter who are discovering their independence and fill her home with music, laughter and chaos. She loves her Life and is so very happy as she is discovering her passion for writing and the freedom and joy it brings her.

Amazing how three little letters a l l can hold such power and results. I challenge you Dear Readers to think about whether or not you have it all...but first you must start with defining what ALL means to you...and then make it happen!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

My Medic Alert........

Woke with a feeling of "enough"!  Wanting a reminder that I'm driving this bus and I can take it in any direction I choose when faced with Life and it's stressful times and changes.

I took out these bracelets and realized they will act as my own emotional medical alert tags.

They serve as a reminder that I am in charge of me. Reminding me how I choose to respond to others, how I can take on the unthinkable task when it's out of my comfort zone and how I live my Life, is my job. In the event I collapse, I want medics to know, I love my Life with all the ups and downs and obstacles that come along the way. "So fix me up quick.......I've got some living to do!"