Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Nearly Missed The Rainbow..................

With the scurrying, gerbil wheel days we frequently lead, it is so easy to miss the fleeting moments that last ever so briefly, but can truly stay with us for hours to come,  when we take the time to catch them.

On a recent afternoon the sunny skies drew dark, as big 'ole raindrops started to fall. The dash began to close car windows and pick up my son and his friends at track practice.  I had 45 minutes to return them each to their homes, pull dinner together and be out the door for an appointment. You all know that gerbil wheel dance right??? The faster you go the more you feel you can get done, things become a blur...but we keep on running.

Well, it's what happens while we do the dance that holds pieces of value....... and for me, it happened Monday afternoon, as the sun started to reappear, I nearly missed the rainbow brightly looking back at me.  There is just something very magical to me about rainbows. The colorful display served as a reminder to me, to be more aware. To stop and look and take a breath!

Another reminder happened this morning as I awoke. (ok it wasn't exactly a dashing moment since I was sleeping five minutes before...but I had to pay attention just the same) The sunlight was gently dancing on my bracelet stand and the sparkle of it made me smile. I dashed to get my camera and as quickly as I thought I had returned, the sun had already shifted. You can see in the photo the sun was traveling to the right end of the bracelets. When I first saw it all the bracelets were glistening. I snapped the picture just the same because it reminds me, things can change in an instant and I want to be able to take it all in before it disappears. No  rainbows or dances of sunlight will be lost on me ~ 
The link above is a special Sesame Street video clip, the boys and I use to sing when they were little. I think that too was suppose to be part of my reminder when I saw the rainbow.... younger days with my little ones.

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