Thursday, March 29, 2012

Oh The Joy...............

One of the joys of "putting myself out there" with a blog is people sharing with me their own Acts Of Kindness. There is a kinship among us that gravitates us towards sharing our stories because we know the person we are talking to will "get it". It's not about acknowledgement or recognition, it is about sharing in that inner rush that feels so good when we brighten the days of others. It builds momentum! 

Today I share with you two Acts of Kindness told to me.

The first took place at a local store that sends out "Family and Friends" coupons. My friend "Jane" was at the check out and aware of a young man, in his early 20's, ahead of her. He was buying a pair of shoes. When asked by the cashier if he had a coupon he replied "No and if my Mom finds out she'll kill me". "Jane" then offered him a discount coupon and replied "us Moms have to stick together". He gratefully accepted the coupon, thanked her and happily walked off, clearly with a story to tell when he got home.

The truly fun part came the next day when "Jane" was at a wedding. She looked across the room and saw the same young man sitting at a table with his family. She went over and said hello. He beamed and said "these are the shoes I bought yesterday...thanks again"!

The next story was shared with me just the other day. "Theresa" walked into a laundromat and asked the attendant if she wanted to take part in an Act of Kindness. The young woman lit up and quickly agreed. She was then asked if she knew of a regular customer that was having financial struggles. The young woman knew right away of an older woman who repeatedly comes in, having to take a taxi and bus to get there from a neighboring city.  

"Theresa"  then came back when the older woman was expected to return. She  walked up to her and said  "I'd like to pay for your laundry today".  The woman's eyes filled with tears and she said "Thank You but I can't accept". "Theresa" insisted and put the money into the woman's pocket. They hugged, now both with tears in their eyes, the older woman whispered "you don't know how much this means to me...Thank You"!

Both of these stories touched me because they involve people making someones day a little brighter...and my hope always is that the recipients will then be moved to perform their own Acts Of Kindness in some little way....... Together we can build momentum!

Go ahead and share your Acts Of Kindness in the comment section below

*disclaimer...names have been changed to protect the guilty

Monday, March 26, 2012

Time To Bloom...............

It seems only fitting that as we welcome a change in seasons, there is a vibration that can be felt in the air. The feeling of coming to Life both in the gardens and percolating in my thoughts.

There is this feeling of "new" and wanting to make changes, this energy/desire to make a difference. My mind is whirling and the possibilities are many. 

I need to define one of these ideas and run with it. Reminding myself that not all changes have to be large and cumbersome with details (that tends to slow me down, ok sometimes to a creeping halt). I will ponder and listen to my inner whisper of choices, as I continue to be intrigued with what is presented before me...or what I make up along the way!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bits and Pieces......

As I sit to write this post, I contemplate the thoughts I want to share. It has been my belief from the start of my blog, that I would let it take it's own direction.

Not to think too much and simply capture what is on my mind at the moment and call it a post. Sharing a part of me.....

Well, that method is feeling a bit trickier today as I find myself thinking....too much and questioning too much...will it be interesting? will people stop back and read it again? do I have to be chipper all the time? do people want to hear that it delights me to see a purple crocus? will my post have substance? will my oldest son cringe yet again at my grammatical errors? will it confirm to others that I am "out there"?

And then it hit me that my predicament is similar to when I ask my almost 15 year old son to help me with a computer "how to" question. My go to tech guy...his response is pretty much the same each time... "try what you think....don't be afraid to make a mistake, Mom, your options are there".

He is right, I'll say that again for his benefit (even though he assures me he means to read my blog at some point... ) but he is right! The apprehension that holds me back from downloading something to my mp3 player or trying a new software on my own, is the same that prevents me today.....being concerned I'll make a mistake. 

So here's my thoughts for today. A bit jumbled,  but it's making sense in my head...Some days we are more confident then others (and by others I mean days and people).  That's why some situations are smoother than others. One is not right or wrong they are simply different and effect our responses accordingly. 

And as my son said "our options are there" and ready for our use. Today, I have chosen to share my scattered thoughts, with the foundation of my blog in share a part of me!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Move Over Lemons............

       "When opportunity doesn't knock, build a door" ~ Adrienne Gusoff

Yes, Yes, a door darn it! I think as a society their is a sense of entitlement that many feel,  as if things should come our way with the greatest of ease. I'm just not in that camp. I truly feel when we want to achieve something and it is not presenting itself, (those stars can't always line up correctly) we do indeed need to build a door.

So go ahead and build your door, make it happen.....knowing the sense of accomplishment will be your sweet reward!

**An OMG moment...while typing this post I am listening to Pandora Radio.  Bob Dylan's "Knocking On Heavens Door" came on. Crazy Right??

Friday, March 9, 2012

Years Bring Wisdom...............

"Growing older is like climbing a mountain: the higher you get, the more strength you need, but the further you see".

Received this quote in my email the other day and really identified with it's meaning. I do feel the older I get I am required to muster up more strength...and I'm not just talking physical, because goodness knows I sigh when I get out of bed in the morning with body aches, but referring to the more substantial issues that I am faced with the older I get.

It's the second part of this quote that really brings me comfort. I do feel with age has come the ability to "see further" and in a more soulful way. I am now able to find the good in more and more situations, I can put reason and compassion in the mix when disagreeing with someone and realize there is more than one way to look at things. I feel I can offer insight and guidance to teenage sons, even though at times they remind me I "just don't get it". Also, in relationships I can truly appreciate the value they bring into my Life. Another very important piece that has come with age is the confidence to follow my heart and put forth in the world what I believe in, regardless of the resistance that sometimes come along with it.

All these aspects of life were lost in my younger years. Perhaps "seeing further" is saved for the later years..or wait a minute, as I write this I think, they were not "lost" I simply had not acquired them yet, because I had to "live and learn" along the way. That's when the age and wisdom piece falls into place. 

Each morning I whisper a silent prayer, seeking patience and guidance, as well as strength to face the "climb" I look to add my own little piece/peace in the world!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ode to Thelma..............

I recently found myself belly laughing to a story being told! It's a family story that I have heard many times and each time I hear it I have the same reaction.  My eyes water, my speech becomes limited and I can't catch my breath as giggles tumble into a roar. It feels fabulous! The rush of "happy" fills me and I don't want it to end. It got me thinking......"why isn't there more laughter in our days"......there use to be........ wasn't there?? Such carefree kids we were.

Could it be responsibilities, maturity and pressures of Life take over and frequent bouts of laughter fly out the window?  

But laughter is so therapeutic!

I remember having a job years ago (you know who you are) that consisted of a great deal of laughter on a daily basis. No matter how many times I heard the stories (from dodging a sprinkler with eeww the car was so close, to a Christmas tree falling over and pinning a not so obedient child) tears of laughter would fill my eyes and warm my heart!

It gets me thinking....there is clearly a correlation between sharing laughter and the positive role it plays in our daily lives. It makes the "mundane of the day" that bit more enjoyable. It makes us aware of "the funny".

Now I could share with you the family story I mentioned in the beginning of this post, but it would clearly not be as funny to you as it is to me, because it's lengthy and knowing the people involved is key. (and I must protect their identity) I will however share a piece of advice.... "if you are ever traveling by bus/train, don't lie your head down to sleep on the empty seat next to you. You never know when a fellow passenger is walking to "stretch his legs" and suddenly looses his balance and needs to sit"!

So how about we lighten up, bring laughter back to our days....and fill our hearts with "funny"!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Touch A Life.............

It feels as though I have become a little relaxed with my actions to spread happiness (beyond what comes naturally).  I don't like today I take a stand and commit to bring back to the front of my mind, how I can share a little kindness to brighten some one's day.....and I WILL follow through with it! 

I WILL engage in cheerful banter while waiting in line at the market
I WILL smile and say hello to those I pass in the store
I WILL smile while driving, to feel that silly rush that reminds me there are things to be happy about in each day
I WILL mail a note to someone special
I WILL place "you matter" sticky notes randomly out in public
I WILL hug my family just a little longer (refraining from hugging strangers feels like a wise choice)

Would love to hear what's on your list!