Sunday, April 14, 2013

Grateful For The Stain..............

Jesus has been seen in burnt toast and a sad face in cereal has also been documented. So when I woke this morning to find a frosting stain on my family room rug, after a teenage boy birthday sleepover, I looked for an image to abate my frustration.

It actually hit me pretty quickly. The smeared frosting did not contain an obvious image, but it did hold a message just the same. Here's what it told me: I am blessed to have an amazing son who is turning 16 in a couple of days. Secondly, by the smudging left behind, he and his friends clearly tried to rub the frosting out, and lastly I am grateful my son has friends in his "go to tribe" that I consider to be really good kids and I'm friends with their Mom's as well. 

So next time you are met with a mess or a moment of frustration, look for the image.......look for the meaning...and who knows Jay Leno may appear before your very eyes.

And now in honor of my birthday boy I will share the blog entry from last year, paying tribute to all we love about him. So just go ahead and change 15 to 16 when you read it.


15 years ago, at 11:17pm, I gave birth to an amazing 8lb 14oz, beautiful baby boy. The truly beautiful part is that when I held him that first moment, looked in his eyes and whispered promises from the depths of my soul, I honestly had no idea how truly amazing the next 15 years would be.

Tribute here to my second born, and his many amazing qualities that still make me smile and remind me how glad I am we are a family of four!

Your creative ~ artsy energy and all that you accomplish with it is just outstanding

The way you listen to a song and ask if I "hear" all the instrument distinctions...once you explain it to me, I CAN hear it the way it was "meant to be heard"

Your easy going personality, along with kindness and willingness towards others.. ESPECIALLY your older brother

Your adventurous side that wants to "do it all"

Your determination when you REALLY want to accomplish something...usually when trying to convince me of something

Your humor and one liners that have been known to "lighten the mood" many times over the years

Your patience with me when you have to repeat "how to" instructions..again and again

The fact that we spent your birthday day together today and when we got home you thanked me for a fun day....not sure many 15 year old sons would feel that way, but it sure did warm my heart

And I must include that you are courteous...which when you were little, you would say it is because your middle name is Curtis 

I am so proud to be your Mom and thank God each and everyday for all the amazing pieces you bring to our family!

Happy Birthday B.......I love you !

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