Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Giving Thanks................

Sending Thanksgiving wishes to you Dear Readers. May your day be filled with celebration that includes family, fun and gratitude! 

As we pull together and think about turkey day and all we have to do, whether you are hosting or attending, we can look to include a few special touches that speak to the hearts of those sharing in the holiday with us.

Here are a few ideas that come to mind:

If you are hosting: Yes there is lots to do, but consider forgoing some things (I often feel if I provide a clean toilet and hand towel, I'm good on the cleaning front) which allows for heartfelt preparations. 
  • Think about cutting up strips of paper in fall colors for your guests to write down what they are thankful for. You can then collect them in a jar and add to it and enjoy them each year. (Be sure to date them) Imagine the fun rereading them as the years go by.
  • Start a journal book that guests can write thoughts of gratitude, what is going on in their lives, memories of Thanksgiving traditions, adding to it each year capturing memories in the making.
  • Shoot mini clips on your phone, camera etc of family members in attendance and a short story they would like to share. 

If you'll be the guest: Special touches can be added when celebrating away from home too.
  • A Special handwritten note of thanks to the hostess for all they did to prepare, including gratitude for your relationship and what it means to you.
  • Thoughtful hostess gift that says "take a little time tomorrow to relax". A holiday scented candle or an instrumental relaxing CD or big mug with a package of hot chocolate and marshmallows or how about moisturizing mitts with lotion?

However you choose to express your gratitude Dear Readers, is up to you. As we know, Life is fragile and can change in an instant. It's up to us to use our powers for good to touch lives and make a difference....... and in doing so, we are making memories for ourselves and others......to last a Lifetime.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Creating Heartfelt Holidays.......

~ Fair Trade Shopping ~
For Christmas this year I want family time decorating the trees, the smell of cloves, sing~a~longs, holiday hang out with family & friends, bestowing Random Acts of Kindness all around, lots of white twinkle lights, gift giving that doesn't make me clench my teeth (thank goodness the recipient I am referring to does not read my blog) and I want to be able to put my head on my pillow each night until January 1st, 2015, feeling happy and content with how my Heartfelt Holiday season turned out.

My notebook is started, my vision is written and I'm ready to kick things off. I will write out cards early this year, enjoying the individual notes I will have time to include. I will spend time with family & friends and it will be about making memories and not about cleaning and cooking before hand.

I will enjoy looking for that special gift because I will not be pressed for time.

In fact this Saturday I am attending a friend's Fair Trade Sale. I will purchase gifts
knowing they will benefit the Girl Effect Group. Proceeds last year were donated to organizations supporting girls and women in the area of education in Kenya, Guatemala and Sophia House here in Providence. 

Join in the fun Dear Readers, as we start early, not over extend and find Peace!

I am taking on this holiday season with a Dream It....Do It! way of thinking. By starting now, defining how I want things to go......lots of laughter, tinsel, belly laughs, feel good moments and very little stress, I'm confident I can Do It!

Special Note: Please message me if you would like to stop by and shop at the Fair Trade Sale too!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Time For Heartfelt Holidays......

Greetings Dear Readers! Today I continue to share with you my thoughts and ideas for creating Heartfelt Holidays.

We started with taking time to envision the Holiday Season we want to create. Be certain to put in place the steps to get there. Decide what is a priority and what can you let go. On the sentimental side I offer......

November is about Thanksgiving! We can express our gratitude in a variety of ways, knowing that it touches the lives of others and serves as a reminder to ourselves of how Blessed we are. Give these few a try.

Note of Thanks to a family member! What a pleasant surprise for them to find a note on their pillow, in their car or randomly text to them. Perhaps saying that you are "grateful for the smiles and energy they bring to the family" or "Thanks for bringing out the recycle bins and picking up the Bunny poop. It helps a lot".

Write a Thank You note to a former teacher, employer or friend, that has touched your Life at some point and made a difference for you. Perhaps a note to a teacher who has your child as a student now.  Acknowledge and recognize what specifically they are doing to enhance your child's education.

STICKY NOTES! Leave them in the mail box for the mailman,  and  on your outgoing trash bins  ~ although now that they are picked up remotely by a truck here, with the driver inside, it could be a bit trickier. Instead make a large sign that simply says "THANK YOU!" they'll get the message. If space allows you could say "Thanks for helping keep me clean".

Kudos to you! I have had great fun giving out individual Kudos snack bars with a note attached that says "Kudos to you for all that you do". I have given them to teachers, crossing guards, doctor's office staff. You name it, if I'm grateful of the actions of someone who helps me, I let them know.

The possibilities and joy it brings is priceless! And in keeping with recognizing what we are grateful for I must say:

Thank you Dear Readers for coming back for more! More Than Mom Thoughts was a venture I took three years ago this past October. I took the leap and jumped in without my floaties to give this whole "blogging world" a try. I am glad I did, and because of all of you I have realized the water is real nice.  To you I share a heartfelt Thank You for all the support  and encouragement and most of all for being on this journey with me. I am learning so much!!!

Gratefully Yours,
My very first blog post can be found by clicking Remembering to breath............

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Garland and Wreaths and Bows...Oh My............

Let me just start by saying Holy Mother Of Moly! My computer has been giving me grief! I've had the blog post below in stand by since the weekend. Not able to post it due to computer glitches. Pardon the white background another of the glitches. I've decided to hold off figuring that out, because it could delay the submitting process. In fact it's growing on me a little. So here goes!
It happened last Thursday, October 30th! While out on errands I was hit once again with the realization that retail stores rush the Holidays in hopes of making more and more money. There to my left, while stopped at a red light I saw the green garland, large wreath and many red bows! 

Good~Ness! Cardi's Furniture what are you thinking??? I continued on my way and had a revelation that turned the perception of the too early decorations around for me.

Here's where my thoughts went......Seeing the Christmas decorations reminded me yes in fact the Holidays are approaching....BUT the real eye opener was, it's still early enough to strategize a plan that includes special moments, Holmemade gesture gifts, heartfelt handwritten letters, and special plans of festive visiting with family and friends.

Truth is.....Life gets hectic and the days pass quickly. Suddenly the Holidays are upon us and we feel like we are running out of time. We vow to start earlier next year......well guess what??? Next year is here and it's earlier! This year Dear Readers we will have time.

Over the next several posts I will share my thoughts for sentimental, genuine, holiday ideas, that will brighten the days of others, slow down the hamster wheel stress inducing days and eliminate that feeling of not being ready.

My first recommendation is: Start a notebook!

Give some thought as to what you want your Holiday experience to be overall.
Is it less retail/commercial and more genuine, sentimental, memory making moments with family and friends? Incorporating Acts Of Kindness to surprise others may be a great treat the whole family can join in on. 

Would you like to get cards out earlier this year, or perhaps forgo them all together and call those special people in your Life that you don't get to see too often.

Make a list and check it twice, of all you want to make happen and then realistically look at it again and edit where you see fit. Don't set yourself up for overload, if part of your vision is to have relaxing, reduced stress Holidays, don't take on building gingerbread houses for the whole neighborhood! Really c'mon now.

Once you define what the Holidays really look like,  and now that you have time, you are on your way to making it happen!

Make your Holidays special and start by following your heart!