Thursday, February 16, 2012

Taking The Oath..................

My efforts to live in the moment and touch lives along the way, has enriched my soul in a way I want to continue. I strive to make it a natural way of living, that doesn't require much thought to make happen, it is woven into my awareness and appreciation for all that I am blessed with.

Take nothing for granted!

This "positive thoughts" way of living feels so natural and at the same time burdensome when I find myself defending it and trying to explain myself. That's when I must dig deeper, but I'll be honest sometimes I just get cranky....that's where the guilt lies. There is this thought that those of us who live a glass half full way of life, are being hypocritical if we allow our less than positive attitude present itself.

I want to go on record as saying "there are moments in each and everyday that hold tenderness and goodness. We can choose for ourselves how we will see them...and that can vary from time to time....but the real tenderness comes into play as we interact and respond to those that are seeing it in a different way".

How wonderful it would be if we could all choose to keep in mind that there is goodness around us, while being compassionate that everyone is going through something and bringing to each moment their own perspective and glass filled to wherever they choose......and that glass level will go up and down.... I know mine sure does!

Sunday, February 12, 2012


             Love is in the air......memories I hold in my heart

Eating a fuzzy peach on Falmouth Heights Beach as a toddler

Walking through our new 300 yr. old house after being handed the keys

Celebrating my parents 50th wedding anniversary

Tender moments with my Mémère in her final days

Both times a "plus" sign came up on the pregnancy tests

The moments I first held each of my sons & whispered in their ears

Being an angel in the 6th grade Christmas Pageant at church 

Dancing to "One In A Million You" on our wedding day

Mark coming home with a slice of Red Velvet cake to celebrate my first blog post!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Something Good.................

Recently I was asked what I see myself doing in five years. While the specifics are not yet clear to me,  I was able to share what it will involve.

What I know for sure.....I want to be an essential part of something good! I want to feel the vibe of people working together, as we make a difference for others, touching lives and adding value!

My path is not exact just yet, nor do I feel it needs to be. As long as the steps that I am taking are leading me in the right direction, I am content....and that feels good!

On my quest, I am becoming more aware and tailoring my surroundings to include people I want to spend time with, activities I want to participate in and pursuing areas I want to learn more about. Also, asking myself if the time I am spending on something is moving me forward.......closer to my goal?  

Defining my goal, as broad as it is at this time, provides me with direction and motivation.  I challenge myself to approach each and everyday with an open heart and mind, to all the possibilities that are before me.....and the ones I make up along the way!