Sunday, August 19, 2012

We've "Got Milk !"........

Is it.....writer's block....thinking too much....over analyzing...too many ideas???? Yes! Yes! Yes! and definitely Yes!! So lets just roll with it and see where it takes us.....


Started reading a book that has inspired/motivated me already (and only on page 43)
"29 Gifts: how a month of giving can change your whole Life"

Visited with a friend that I don't see enough....and we didn't miss a beat

Had a blast unpacking my childhood dollhouse furniture to pass along to my fabulous niece!

Swapped vacation pictures with family members via email and smiled

Joyfully watched as my husband spent time pursuing creative interests

Spent time, AGAIN explaining to T Mobile that our cell reception is horrible, to then be told that it is because of LEAVES ON THE TREES and it'll be even worse when it rains...Really??

Purchased tons of pellets for the cold weather, in the hopes that we won't need them too soon.
(although winter could be our season for better cell reception )

Took a look through my memory drawer and was reminded of the great kids I have, and that I do miss some of the younger years

Scrubbed down the fridge after what appears to be an overnight leak from the milk 
       (we go through 7 gallons a week, it's bound to happen once in a while)

Memorable time hanging out with friends in Newport, where it wasn't AS cold, as I initially thought

Discovered many, many tiny ants in the kitchen

Attended an outdoor concert, where I danced & sang a whole bunch

Gave Thanks!

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