Thursday, August 2, 2012

Memory Lane...Makes Me Smile !

So here's a little something only a handful of people know about me!  I have a small stash of toys, that makes me feel like a kid whenever I take them out. This special collection consists of a coloring book -Strawberry Shortcake, Crayola crayons... (Oops I actually bought those two items recently because I like coloring and it was fun to shop for them......and it had to be Crayola because they are the only brand that gives me a flashback when I smell them) a set of jacks and a super ball, barrel of monkeys, a really big marble and perhaps my real favorite....the original Fisher Price dog! 

Now here's the thing, I very rarely take these toys out but whenever I do, they bring me joy and a sense of playfulness. Sometimes I think just by knowing they are in my drawer brings me comfort. They do occasionally qualify for my S.O.S ..Something Of Substance....for the day.

Just the leisure of reminiscing of other childhood toys brings a smile to my face. Staple items of my childhood pastime included, Kiddle, Dawn and Baby Tender Love dolls, Chinese jump rope (I played cats cradle with it also for hours) Spirograph &Tiddly Winks. And who can forget phrases like...Red rover red rover, Ollie Ollie Oxen Free, My mother punched your mother,(how nasty was that???) and another classic....One potato, two potato"?

So go ahead, put together a collection of memorable toys or trinkets and feel your day be brightened, because......"Tag You're It!"


Lori said...

Maria, just last week a friend and I were talking about this exact thing: our childish toy collections! What is it with us 40 somethings revealing this little secret? Anyway, she has a Barbie collection, coloring books and crayons...her very own. I confessed to having a Barbie and coloring books before I got married. When I had kids I combines my toys with theirs. Yours however seem so classic and I am sure will bring back memories for all of your readers! Funny timing!

Maria said...

Too funny, Lori. I think I am in a nostalgic phase. So cool you were having the same thoughts. Doesn't surprise me though. :O)