Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Everybody Wins..................

What do you want?? Wow that can sound many different ways depending on how you read it ~ my intention in this instance is to question what we need on a day to day basis to stay emotionally positive.  As routine sets in and we find ourselves in automatic, robotic mode,  it's hard to recognize the good/positive and genuine. The thing is, it is still there... it gets clouded and murky, we must work at bringing it to the surface and shining it up. We forget to put that practice into the routine of our day.

I've written previously about my S.O.S. theory. (Something of Substance) and the important role it plays in my Life. It literally goes on my To Do list a couple of days a week. Take time for me and do something however small that helps remind me how important my own well being is. Funny story...ok funny now, not so much this past weekend. My dear husband and I were out doing errands and we needed to make a return at a local store. As we walked in he said he was heading over to look at something in the men's department. Like somebody flipped a switch I was all "WHY IS IT MY JOB TO GO DO THE RETURN AND YOU CAN GO LOOK AT WHATEVER YOU WANT???" Crazy right?? What was I thinking???

I then chuckled and said "Geez....clearly I haven't been getting enough of my S.O.S. time and I'm feeling depleted." And it was true! I was feeling the tug of getting back from vacation, catching up on laundry, restocking the fridge, doing "stuff" for my family. I had lost sight of my individual needs and a loved one was catching the brunt of it and getting a far from a positive response from me. No one wins in that case.

Yes, there is this sense of guilt when we take time for ourselves, and how wonderful it would be if a family member randomly said, "go take some time for you, you've been doing so much lately" but c'mon now this is not a movie. That's why I feel it is key to establish an S.O.S. regularly into our days. When you really stop and think about it, it IS something we are doing for others. Once recharged we can handle the routines and whatever life throws at us just a little kinder.

So needless to say, when we got home I took some time to myself to re-calibrate. Once replenished I vowed to get back on track with taking care of me............and sharing with others a gentler, kinder and more rational....Me!

 My recommendation to you my friends, is to go ahead and take a little S.O.S time for you...and the loved ones in your lives!

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