Saturday, August 11, 2012

Confident Art.............

"Confidence, like art, never comes from having all the answers; it comes from being open to all the questions" ~Earl Gray Stevens

Typically there is comfort for me in answers. I may not always like what the answer is....but knowing what is expected, or correct, traditionally keeps me more level headed and more importantly anxiety free. OK not exactly anxiety free, but definitely anxiety manageable.

Here's the thing....while on this personal inner journey I am questioning answers, and certainly opening myself more frequently to the questions. With this, there is an increased level of stress, but all still with in a manageable range. The sweet reward, of being open to the questions is a real sense of confidence! This confidence for me, assists in navigating the sometimes turbulent waters. It seems to broaden my world and provide gifts, I otherwise wouldn't have experienced. 

One gift of recent that I hold onto dearly, is the heartfelt connections and conversations I have been having with people since I have honestly opened myself to others. I think frequently as a society there is this "having it all together" facade, which in my opinion is a disservice to others. (not to mention totally draining and dysfunctional) It's a protective mechanism, I get it...... feeling vulnerable is scary....I know.....I'm living it!  However, by putting myself out there and sharing my deeper thoughts...and clearly that "I DON'T have it all together" people are sharing with me. Connections are being made and conversations are genuine!

I feel the above quote speaks to the willingness and desire to reach our fullest emotional potential. Taking responsibility for our personal path and how rich we want it to be. By no means will it always be a smooth ride....that would be mundane...but if we remain open to the questions, and true to our hearts, we are sure to create our own work of Art.... a lifetime of authentic goodness!


Lori said...

As I read and related to your post, the word AUTHENTIC kept replaying in my mind. What a joy to see it in your last sentence! You nailed this one on the head Maria! Being authentic has it's good and (not bad) but painful qualities. I say painful is not bad because it produces healing when dealt with. Cheers to you and your deep thoughts!

Maria said...

You get me....YAY! Your thoughtful words always fill my heart, and encourage me to continue writing. THANK YOU for taking the time to share your authentic self with others!!