Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Whatever our individual troubles or challenges may be, it is important to pause every now and then to appreciate all that we have, on every level. ~ Shakti Gawain

For me loosing sight of the gifts in my Life (and I mean that in the most non materialistic way) can sneak up on me without my even realizing it. I know this to be true when I am feeling overwhelmed or discouraged. I focus more on the negative and dip into a place that is not so grateful, but thankfully not too frequent.

We can all use reminders to take a personal inventory of what we truly have....but here's where the rub comes in for me. When I am feeling low...sometimes I want to be there for just a little bit. I had to figure out why it bothers me when I share with someone how I am feeling and for them to reply "yeah but...you have a loving family, good health etc"........on the inside I am saying....."yes I know all that, but right now this is how I am feeling!" And that's when I got it...I want to be heard and understood!....I guess because it validates me. This thought process allowed me to then realize, their response comes from a place of wanting to "make it right" for me....and for that I am appreciative.

So I'm putting it out there in case others feel similar.... I Feel.....it is ok to have those times of feeling low and loosing sight of our blessings....as long as it's not a place we stay for any length of time. It is certainly much better to be living in a place of being engaged with our lives, connecting with others and most importantly appreciating all that we have....and quite honestly, sometimes after being in a low place, I can appreciate more greatly all the blessings in my Life.

                                                    Gifts In My Life
         The true love of a man who knows when to hold my hand and when to let it go

          Sons who remind me daily, with their actions, that family is what truly matters

                    A "go to tribe" of family and friends that embrace me

                     Believing in myself........more often than not



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