Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Family Vacation Thoughts..........

While on vacation this week, with my extended family.......I thought of my blog frequently. It was during moments of feeling connected to whatever we were doing, or when I was feeling extremely grateful for my family....I wanted to share my joy and how truly blessed I am...capture it in my blog....kind of a modern day, technology inspired, "shout it from the roof tops".

When I thought about it in greater detail, I realized it was more about wanting that feeling to be experienced by others!  That feeling of connecting with your people and adding value to the time you have with them, by making it genuine!

 It occurred to me on this vacation, that the more we are our true selves the more "real" we are to our relationships.  It should not be about judging, criticizing, correcting, or trying to impress. It is more about being authentic and to truly listen with an open heart, accept, empathize, encourage and agree that different ideas or ways of thinking are not wrong, they are just that.....different!

I am truly blessed to have a family, who I will admit, are a cast of characters...present company very included. I may not always "get" them and I know they don't always "get" me......but just the same, individually we are each our own person and together with all our quirkiness...we are, well...the part that truly matters most..... FAMILY!

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