Sunday, September 1, 2013

My Week In Pictures................

Wow this week school starts for my second born, job starts for first born and quiet house, which translate into writing time for me, returns. I've lost writing time due to the lack of family schedule. That being said I have captured pictures as I thought of blog entries. The house is far from quiet this evening (which is ok because the sounds of laughter and playful chaos feels really really good). Just same, the feeling of wanting to post "something" prevails. So enjoy my week in style.

My modern day Tom Sawyers

I keep a baggie in the laundry room for things that are found in the wash. 
It reveals a lot!

First one up on vacation...I win the prize...beautiful sunrise

Photo: Elderly #couple walking on the #beach through the #fog this #morning in #maine.
Fog rolled in on the beach & Zach took this pic of a sweet older couple

Getting ready to pay for the car behind us...

Wanting to share more kindness today than I did yesterday!

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