Sunday, September 15, 2013

Be Creative and Courageous....................

Tapping into my artsy side today, I delighted in cutting and pasting.  Not the modern day "cut & paste" as in on the computer, but the 'ole fashion way with scissors & paste..... hands on ~ collage style.

Inspired by children's author Peter H. Reynolds' book The Dot along with  International Dot Day  [ which is everyday you honor courage and creativity] The Seekonk Public Library invited the community to "decorate a dot" and share them with the library to put them on display this week.

I took on the playful assignment and got lost in it. It brought me back to my younger years, when I would spend hours flipping through magazines to find words to cut out that "described me" and expressed who I was, even if I felt like I didn't know at the time.

I remember making posters, covering old cigar boxes and even gluing clippings on old bottles, all while listening to endless songs on "The Best of Bread" album.... wow! don't know where I just pulled that out of, but I am having major flashbacks.

Today as I contemplated how I wanted to decorate my dot, I welcomed the familiar collage process as my discovery of expressing myself creatively unfolded.  The words began to fill "my dot" as memories filled my heart. A quick jump over to Pandora Radio and Bread's "Baby I'm a Want You"  then easing into the Carpenters' "Close To You"  poured from my speakers.

 A smile quickly appeared as I thought back to those years gone by and the teenage angst that came with them. My collages were dark, I was lost...back then it felt like it would always be that way..oh the smile is because the adult me can now tell the teenage me....See I told you it would get better.

My dot collage of today is light and I no longer feel lost....... not all the time anyway.

Celebrate your own International Dot Day...and feel the strength that honoring courage and creativity can bring!

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