Thursday, September 26, 2013

Bloom Where You Are Planted...................

Frequently we are faced with times in our lives that are far less than wonderful. We are forced into stressful situations, loss of a loved one, health issues that take on a life of their own, or the end of a relationship, all leaving us trying to survive.

It is in the looking back at these times of confusion and heartache, we discover our strength, determination and often times a power that we never knew we had.

This is a tribute to my friends and family members going through really difficult times. You must believe there is a strength within you that you WILL find. It may not come today or a week from today, but it will show it's face to you and you will welcome it with a realization that you can breath without sadness, without pain and without being struck with panic.

When we have hope, we can move forward......we can bloom where we are garlic chives in the driveway!

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