Monday, October 14, 2013

Having It All........................

Recently a friend at work asked "do you think anyone can have it all?" My quick response was "definitely NOT!" I stated my reasons which included frequently people aren't satisfied & are constantly looking for more. 

As I woke this morning I reflected on the question again and I realized, my answer to her was not complete. I do believe you can have it all! It simply hinges on what we each want. It's about being happy and content with what you go after, and what you already have.

I am Blessed in my Life to have a friend who truly has it all. She will be the first to tell & inspire you about her beautiful home that is filled with her special touches. Including scrolls that decorate her walls because she is drawn to them, a sprig of mums sweetly placed in her birdbath because it broke off the plant, a son and daughter who are discovering their independence and fill her home with music, laughter and chaos. She loves her Life and is so very happy as she is discovering her passion for writing and the freedom and joy it brings her.

Amazing how three little letters a l l can hold such power and results. I challenge you Dear Readers to think about whether or not you have it all...but first you must start with defining what ALL means to you...and then make it happen!

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