Thursday, October 3, 2013

My Medic Alert........

Woke with a feeling of "enough"!  Wanting a reminder that I'm driving this bus and I can take it in any direction I choose when faced with Life and it's stressful times and changes.

I took out these bracelets and realized they will act as my own emotional medical alert tags.

They serve as a reminder that I am in charge of me. Reminding me how I choose to respond to others, how I can take on the unthinkable task when it's out of my comfort zone and how I live my Life, is my job. In the event I collapse, I want medics to know, I love my Life with all the ups and downs and obstacles that come along the way. "So fix me up quick.......I've got some living to do!"


Lori said...



GREAT attitude!

Maria said...

Thanks, Lori!....and thanks too for "pinning it".