Sunday, November 4, 2012

After The Storm.........

The recent storm of Sandy, left behind insight to last a Lifetime. The minor 30 hours my family and I were without electricity proved to be merely an inconvenience. At the time, it felt a bit more irritating and a tad claustrophobic to me, yet it also yielded family time that consisted of games, laughter and music being made.

It wasn't until we regained power, I was able to see the true devastation left behind for so many others along the East coast. The heartbreaking images before me, hurt my heart to look at....I couldn't imagine living it.....but imagine it I must, to live outside my own feel compassion and empathy toward others.

Such loss...for so many!

The inconvenience/frustration of fallen trees, electricity lost and spoiled food, pales in comparison to the loss of homes and lives.

The storm and it's aftermath provides us an ideal opportunity to look beyond our own immediate consider the larger impact, and not lose sight of the world beyond our front door.

I believe it is this approach in Life that allows us to attempt to be engaged and connected to the world around us......all in an effort to lead a genuine and authentic Life!

Peace ~

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