Sunday, November 4, 2012

Smile Stars....Save The Date..........

                            I'm Excited To Invite You To The First......

         ~Simple Kindness Gesture Outing~

Join in the kindness fun, Saturday, December 1st as we share stars and smiles at Emerald Square Mall, in North Attleboro, MA.

It's as simple as this: meet at the food court for a brief informational pep rally of sorts with our kindness tribe.

Then we will walk around the mall as a group, sharing smiles, good cheer and stars (which contain special messages) for as short or as long you like.

Our goal is to simply brighten a moment of unsuspecting shoppers, as we brighten our own day as well.

Keep in mind, when things feel out of your comfort zone, it usually means that something really good is about to happen! I believe this has that potential. We're going for the vibe!

So come on and let me know you will be joining in. You can
FB message, comment, or email me at . I will then be in touch with additional specifics.

Now, for readers not in the immediate area of this mall, please consider doing something similar in your town. We can swap stories of how we are all covering our own part of the world with kindness.

Good cheer, kindness & smiles has no boundaries!

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Anonymous said...

what a great idea!

Maria said...

Thanks for the the positive shout out Anon~ Hope you think about joining us. The more smiles the better!