Thursday, March 29, 2012

Oh The Joy...............

One of the joys of "putting myself out there" with a blog is people sharing with me their own Acts Of Kindness. There is a kinship among us that gravitates us towards sharing our stories because we know the person we are talking to will "get it". It's not about acknowledgement or recognition, it is about sharing in that inner rush that feels so good when we brighten the days of others. It builds momentum! 

Today I share with you two Acts of Kindness told to me.

The first took place at a local store that sends out "Family and Friends" coupons. My friend "Jane" was at the check out and aware of a young man, in his early 20's, ahead of her. He was buying a pair of shoes. When asked by the cashier if he had a coupon he replied "No and if my Mom finds out she'll kill me". "Jane" then offered him a discount coupon and replied "us Moms have to stick together". He gratefully accepted the coupon, thanked her and happily walked off, clearly with a story to tell when he got home.

The truly fun part came the next day when "Jane" was at a wedding. She looked across the room and saw the same young man sitting at a table with his family. She went over and said hello. He beamed and said "these are the shoes I bought yesterday...thanks again"!

The next story was shared with me just the other day. "Theresa" walked into a laundromat and asked the attendant if she wanted to take part in an Act of Kindness. The young woman lit up and quickly agreed. She was then asked if she knew of a regular customer that was having financial struggles. The young woman knew right away of an older woman who repeatedly comes in, having to take a taxi and bus to get there from a neighboring city.  

"Theresa"  then came back when the older woman was expected to return. She  walked up to her and said  "I'd like to pay for your laundry today".  The woman's eyes filled with tears and she said "Thank You but I can't accept". "Theresa" insisted and put the money into the woman's pocket. They hugged, now both with tears in their eyes, the older woman whispered "you don't know how much this means to me...Thank You"!

Both of these stories touched me because they involve people making someones day a little brighter...and my hope always is that the recipients will then be moved to perform their own Acts Of Kindness in some little way....... Together we can build momentum!

Go ahead and share your Acts Of Kindness in the comment section below

*disclaimer...names have been changed to protect the guilty

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