Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ode to Thelma..............

I recently found myself belly laughing to a story being told! It's a family story that I have heard many times and each time I hear it I have the same reaction.  My eyes water, my speech becomes limited and I can't catch my breath as giggles tumble into a roar. It feels fabulous! The rush of "happy" fills me and I don't want it to end. It got me thinking......"why isn't there more laughter in our days"......there use to be........ wasn't there?? Such carefree kids we were.

Could it be responsibilities, maturity and pressures of Life take over and frequent bouts of laughter fly out the window?  

But laughter is so therapeutic!

I remember having a job years ago (you know who you are) that consisted of a great deal of laughter on a daily basis. No matter how many times I heard the stories (from dodging a sprinkler with eeww the car was so close, to a Christmas tree falling over and pinning a not so obedient child) tears of laughter would fill my eyes and warm my heart!

It gets me thinking....there is clearly a correlation between sharing laughter and the positive role it plays in our daily lives. It makes the "mundane of the day" that bit more enjoyable. It makes us aware of "the funny".

Now I could share with you the family story I mentioned in the beginning of this post, but it would clearly not be as funny to you as it is to me, because it's lengthy and knowing the people involved is key. (and I must protect their identity) I will however share a piece of advice.... "if you are ever traveling by bus/train, don't lie your head down to sleep on the empty seat next to you. You never know when a fellow passenger is walking to "stretch his legs" and suddenly looses his balance and needs to sit"!

So how about we lighten up, bring laughter back to our days....and fill our hearts with "funny"!


Anonymous said...

I have found that laughter can get me through the toughest of times and situtations, especially when I can laugh at myself. More important is that it relaxes everyone around you and allows for better communication. I believe that even God laughs alot, especially when we make plans!
love your thoughts Maria!
The diobedient child

Maria said...

Thanks for your thoughts Anonymous.You still make me smile!