Sunday, July 15, 2012

For The Love Of Art...............

As I contemplated what to write about today, I flipped open a book ~ Shambhala the Sacred Path of the Warrior, and read a passage that made something "click",  it read....."what the warrior renounces is anything in his experiences that is a barrier between himself and others. In other words, renunciation is making yourself more available, more gentle and open to others."

I believe this practice to be so helpful in touching others with kindness. By releasing the barriers and thoughts that add no value in Life, we can be ready to shed a little kindness through out our day....little side note..sometimes it's really hard to muster up that good vibe, but I find tricking my mind is all it takes sometimes.

Recently, we were visiting an art museum and participating in the hands on activities of the Open House. Things were very hectic and the security guards were looking pretty stressed, as large crowds wandered the floors of very valuable artwork.

As we were leaving I went over to one of the stoic men and said in a cheerful whisper "you are looking so serious" to which he replied "crowds this size make us nervous around priceless originals". I leaned in a little closer and asked "are you at least smiling on the inside" as I tapped my heart. He broke out into the biggest grin....and thanked me! Now granted this situation could have taken a turn if he wasn't receptive to my "serious" comment, but I'm pretty much always ready to take the risk if I think I've got a good chance of brightening someone's day. Maybe I should have a safety net in place if one of these times it doesn't go quite so well. Somebody would come bail me out ...Right? Who has my back???

This is just a tiny example of sharing a little kindness. It brought a moment of levity to this security guard's day....and mine as well, as we shared a smile. We've all had experiences where we have participated in moments like this. It's one of those things that feels good for all parties involved.

So how about we look to increasing the times we initiate tiny acts of kindness...simply with a smile........simply with our words......simply for those around us!


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