Saturday, July 7, 2012

Call Me Jackson..........................

Nineteen years ago tonight I gave birth to an amazing baby boy. He kissed our lives with tenderness from the very first moment we saw him. Only minutes old I held him and looked into his "black olive" eyes and made him promises to last a lifetime. I remember feeling so excited!

I think back to those first few days at home with this fragile being. As new parents it took the two of us to keep this precious person alive....or so it felt at the time. We did everything together...sterilize the bottles for the correct amount of time....alcohol on umbilical cord....vaseline on circumcision ...wouldn't want to mix those up.

It was such a bonding time. As a couple we relied on each other so much and this little person relied on us even more. We were building a foundation at the time and we didn't even realize it. We laid our son between us and just watched him sleep. The bond was strong. I can still recall all those feelings in the very beginning.....overwhelmed, delighted, and in love.

Fast forward 19 years later and there is a young man in front of me. The foundation we laid is there, but the incredible person he is now, that is all him. It warms my heart to see a loyal, hardworking, opinionated, talented individual. Such a joy to see all that lies ahead for him. I am still filled with feelings of being overwhelmed, delighted and full of love.....each have served me well in the past and I look forward to all they will show me in the future.

Happy Birthday Doodle......I love you!

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