Thursday, January 29, 2015

Reflection To Move Forward....................

Thank you for stopping by More Than Mom Thoughts! I started this blog over three years ago. I specifically remember the feeling of  "jumping in without my floaties"! The feelings of uncertainty (not knowing what direction I was taking this blog in) vulnerability, curiosity and sheer delight when folks started reading my thoughts and coming back for more. Oh and how can I forget the surprise slice of Red Velvet cake from my Dear Husband to celebrate that first post!

With each passing post and feedback from my Dear Readers a blog was born!

This past year I began giving a voice to More Than Mom Thoughts by conducting presentations, sharing my journey, along with stories and my belief of the importance of being connected with our lives. For me the practice of  positive & mindful living, sprinkled with a bit of levity, can make all the difference in our days. I enjoy meeting people at my talks, sharing AHA! moments and touching lives.  My Connect With Your Life talks took shape, workshops were created and the only thing left to do was.......

Launch a new blog

If just discovering More Than Mom Thoughts, I invite you to read as many posts as you like (there are over 230 yikes!) in the Blog Archive section to the lower right portion of this page. Then jump on over to Connect With Your Life at the link above or below, where the discoveries, motivation and mindful living inspiration will continue.

To my Dear Readers who have been with me since the maiden voyage on October 18th, 2011, a great big THANK YOU, come on over and continue to Connect With Your Life!



cathy kramer said...

Just found your blog. Looking forward to reading more. Are you on Facebook? It's easier for me to keep track of new posts there.

Maria Holme said...

Hi Cathy! Thanks for your comment. I do apologize for the delay. Computer issues and all this snow (I'm outside of Boston) is creating havoc, and slowing down my posting too.

I currently do not have a FB page for my blog. I do invite you to sign up for an email notice, which you can find a link for on my More Than Mom Thoughts blog page.

I am eager to get back on track and see something other than snow in my front yard. Thanks for writing me. Cheers!