Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Remembering to breath

  As simple as it may sound, breathing is something only of recent, I have made a dedicated effort to do. Perhaps it is the "lack of" breathing that has been so enlightening. More on that later.......

 I remind myself at this moment to take a breath as I embark on the blogging world! It is something I have thought about for months, but never had the time to look into. OK I found the whole idea intimidating, overwhelming and yes the self imposed pressure (common thread for me) I was creating resulted in my not MAKING the time to learn more about blogging.

 This past week I decided to "jump in without my floaties". This will be a work in progress. My mind is whirling with thoughts and ideas of things I would like to write about. I'm thinking Mommy tips, school /parent involvement, acts of kindness, "glass is half full" way of living. I/It will develop as I go. There will be stumbling blocks and mistakes along the way I'm sure (hopefully not too embarrassing)....but I'm ready to learn from my mistakes.

 With our two teenage sons becoming more independent all the time, my role as Mom is being redefined (pang... that's not easy) It is a rebirth of sorts for me, of my interests and how I choose to spend some of my time.....and that's where the confusion & possibilities come in..... and ....breath!

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