Friday, November 7, 2014

Time For Heartfelt Holidays......

Greetings Dear Readers! Today I continue to share with you my thoughts and ideas for creating Heartfelt Holidays.

We started with taking time to envision the Holiday Season we want to create. Be certain to put in place the steps to get there. Decide what is a priority and what can you let go. On the sentimental side I offer......

November is about Thanksgiving! We can express our gratitude in a variety of ways, knowing that it touches the lives of others and serves as a reminder to ourselves of how Blessed we are. Give these few a try.

Note of Thanks to a family member! What a pleasant surprise for them to find a note on their pillow, in their car or randomly text to them. Perhaps saying that you are "grateful for the smiles and energy they bring to the family" or "Thanks for bringing out the recycle bins and picking up the Bunny poop. It helps a lot".

Write a Thank You note to a former teacher, employer or friend, that has touched your Life at some point and made a difference for you. Perhaps a note to a teacher who has your child as a student now.  Acknowledge and recognize what specifically they are doing to enhance your child's education.

STICKY NOTES! Leave them in the mail box for the mailman,  and  on your outgoing trash bins  ~ although now that they are picked up remotely by a truck here, with the driver inside, it could be a bit trickier. Instead make a large sign that simply says "THANK YOU!" they'll get the message. If space allows you could say "Thanks for helping keep me clean".

Kudos to you! I have had great fun giving out individual Kudos snack bars with a note attached that says "Kudos to you for all that you do". I have given them to teachers, crossing guards, doctor's office staff. You name it, if I'm grateful of the actions of someone who helps me, I let them know.

The possibilities and joy it brings is priceless! And in keeping with recognizing what we are grateful for I must say:

Thank you Dear Readers for coming back for more! More Than Mom Thoughts was a venture I took three years ago this past October. I took the leap and jumped in without my floaties to give this whole "blogging world" a try. I am glad I did, and because of all of you I have realized the water is real nice.  To you I share a heartfelt Thank You for all the support  and encouragement and most of all for being on this journey with me. I am learning so much!!!

Gratefully Yours,
My very first blog post can be found by clicking Remembering to breath............

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