Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Spread Your Wings................

"It's never too late to become what you might have been." George Eliot~

Putting it out there....Think about making tiny changes if you feel like you want to mix things up a bit and do a little exploring in your Life.

Personally I like being able to tweak things from time to time, adjust as I go and enjoy mini reinvents of me, as I see fit. It's one of  the cycles of my Life.

As interests, responsibilities and feelings change, I eagerly try to explore the possibilities that come along with the changes.

My message today Dear Readers is to consider even a little something you would like to incorporate into your Life. Keep in mind, sometimes taking on too much overwhelms and stunts the process to a halt. Think small to start! I have been known to say to friends "start a folder or notebook". Translated.......start collecting your thoughts, reference material regarding an interest or "how to" to achieve what you are going after.

Recently I was asked "how do I know where to begin?" Great question when thoughts are feeling floundering and finding a starting point seems daunting.

This is where I recommend "listen to whispers". Is there an underlying interest you pushed to the back burner when Life took another direction? Or perhaps you silently admire what you see others doing and wish you knew more about it.

Explore thoughts and options that create a little "hmm I wonder if ......" Capture them, write them down. I'm a paper girl, love journals, various notebooks and harness my thoughts and ideas there, along with breaking down the steps on how I will get there.  Take a step, listen to the whispers and watch your very own transformation start to unfold.

Sharing side note: When I contemplated what I wanted to write today, I opened the porch door to let the sunshine in to inspire me. I sat  and considered a few options. I went to my saved "quotes that inspire me" folder and found the one above. 

The real magic happened right after that when a Monarch butterfly flew up to the glass door and fluttered around then went on it's way.
Here's why I was moved.....I felt the butterfly was truly a beautiful connection to the quote I selected, affirming it was the writing direction to go in. And the other truly heartfelt piece was....20 plus years ago my Memere passed away, my sadness was great and my tears were many. There was a frequently visiting Monarch butterfly that came around. It would linger in my perennial gardens and bring me joy. I felt then as I do each time since, that it is sweet Elizabeth coming to say hello and bring me comfort. 

Listen for your whispers Dear Readers and feel the comfort and joy they bring.

Reminder: I will be sharing my aha! moments, as well as my own tips and techniques for staying connected with my Life, at a public event at Cumberland Library!! YAY! This Connect With Your Life talk will take place this Thursday evening October 16th at 6:30. Come and share an hour and feel the vibe!

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