Thursday, October 23, 2014

Add a little "ish" to your day...................

As time quickly passes and I realize I've missed my personal goal of 1 post per week, I dash to the computer and look to harness the many many thoughts jumping around in my mind, kind of like popcorn spilling out of an air popper. (hadn't thought of those in years, but my son recently purchased one and I remember the joy of years gone by)

Do I write about "letting your dreams take shape?" or "be kind to yourself and treat yourself as you treat others?" or "it's not too early to be thinking about Acts of Kindness as the heartfelt holidays approach?" or "compassion & empathy as a beacon can ease some of the stresses in our lives?" can see, to buckle down and open up the flood gates to write, is sometimes easier said than done.  Little hamster wheel in my mind lately I tell ya'. I love it!

So for today Dear Readers I am going to go with "Be Kind To Yourself"!  I frequently find folks are more understanding and forgiving towards others than they are to themselves. Present company very included. My snarky "self talk" creeps in more than I would ever share towards someone else.

How often do you hear yourself saying to someone "No worries, it's ok", when they kept you waiting, or they were not able to help you with something? We are forgiving and lenient towards others, but not ourselves as readily. So next time you are giving yourself a hard time over anything, forgot to switch the wash and it got a bit stinky in the dark, damp, washing machine, or didn't exercise today, or ate that delish brownie instead.....ease back and tell yourself a comforting "No worries, it's ok!"....because it really is! Remember, the accepting nature you show towards yourself has so many more benefits than the alternative. Ease your guidelines. I find "ish" works real well for that. That being said "I will try and post an entry to my blog once a week~ish.....and I will go switch the wash in the next 10 ish minutes!"

Be kind to yourself and watch the world brighten around you!

Reminder: I will be sharing my aha! moments, as well as my own tips and techniques for staying connected with my Life, at a public event at Weaver Library in East Providence.... YAY! This Connect With Your Life talk will take place this Monday evening October 27th at 6:30. Come and share a positive evening and feel the vibe!

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