Sunday, July 20, 2014

Pour A Glass.....................

Sometimes oj in stemmed glasses can calm the craze 
Well, in my last post I shared that the pile of dirty dishes, two appliances breaking down, along with schedules and Life feeling crazed and my quick reaction to not deal with it exactly well, confirmed to me (and others) that I needed to take time to recharge. (Now I’m not talking, I’m out of here for a vacation, or a day or two at a spa...though lovely that would be, is not realistic on a day to day routine) I committed to the following list, so I could rebound and have a bit more tolerance and less stress in my days.

Today I will:
~ Sit and listen to nothing, knowing that's the best time to hear the most
~ Not over analyze feelings of bewilderment, so they can slip on by
~ Make time & stretch out the knots, releasing the stress weighing me down
~ Be creative ~ Daydream~ Blow bubbles
~ Start the wheels in motion for a project
~ Be kind to myself

So I am pleased to report that taking the time and adding the practice to my days,  did in fact center me, and wouldn’t you know I was put to the test Thursday when the 2 ½ year old microwave stopped heating and smelled like smoke. No joke. Now granted I probably said “are you f’n kidding me", but it didn’t wreck me. Its all how we look at it.

Sharing that, in the hopes that you Dear Readers know the power and necessity of taking time for you to ease the everyday stressors that are all around us. Breaking down appliances are among the minor for sure, but they can still nag at us, similar to an annoying co-worker or a driver in front of us not going when the light changes green because they are texting. All irritants for sure.

How fortunate we are to possess the ability to ease the stressful times just a bit, when we add to each day recharging practices that serve as part of our own maintenance program, that can bring calmer moments to both ourselves and those we love…..let’s get ready…….just sayin’.

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