Sunday, July 27, 2014

Hold On To The Gifts...............

Recently I went into Green River Silver Co. on Hope Street in Providence, to pick out a gift for myself! Translation: I was a kid in a candy store on a recent outing .... I was instructed by a special someone (whose name rhymes with Arc) that he wanted it to be a "just right gift", something to commemorate my turning 50. In the hopes that each time I would wear it, I would be reminded of this special time in my Life. A time of new chances and discoveries that I have been creating....those that have already taken place and those still to come.

It was fun! I gave the selection process the time and reverence such an importance task deserved...tee hee hee. My two sons were with me, and at 21 and 17 I would have thought they would have taken me up on my offer, to just pull up and I'll jump out. They insisted on coming in and being part of the experience. Second translation: they meandered around the store & offered positive feedback when I asked for it, they read my mind.

I knew the piece would be something simple and timeless, something that "looked like me" and something that would in fact remind me of this new time... living in the sometimes uncomfortable to accomplish something new, healthier choices, taking my own kind of chances and adding a dash or two of daring.

When I decided upon the sterling silver bracelet and earrings with a stone of my birth month, I knew I had found the right pieces. 

When checking out and presenting my gift certificate, I knew the next question  "do you need this gift wrapped?" "oh yes" I replied. I had bought enough gifts for others at this fine silver store to know about the whimsical tissue paper and star confetti Green River Silver places in each gift box.

I joyfully watched as the store clerk wrapped my gift with special touches. I was enjoying the whole experience..... I grinned to the boys with delight and said...."I feel a blog post coming on".

Life is about the experiences, special touches and most importantly being aware of them with a grateful heart.

As I looked at the bracelet and earrings this weekend, they held many meanings for me including the amazing year so far of firsts, defining the new 50 along with all the liberation and discoveries it brings, to thinking of my awesome sons who are at exciting times in their lives, to my very special husband who wanted everything to be just right with my milestone birthday celebrations and being certain I would be able to fall back onto those memories for years to come.

Find your special moments Dear feels great....make them happen, make sure you notice them and make sure you hold on tight. There are so many out there....enough to last a Lifetime.

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