Thursday, July 10, 2014

Do You Need A Band Aid???

When Life gets in the way and feelings of good are not at the surface, it's time to take out the first aid kit and get a handle on the situation and begin the triage process.

That's where I've been the past few weeks, caught up in "stuff"...hence the not posting to my blog. Not that things have been feeling negative, but more that I lost sight of my own thoughts, my "me" time that recharges and so importantly fell short in recognizing my many Blessings. The Blessings remain, but go unnoticed when we get caught up in our regular routine and forget to keep ourselves in good mental health.

So after the inner conversations of what the hell is wrong? and why am I feeling glass half empty, I started to realize its not about the sink full of dishes AGAIN or that the washing machine is on it's way out (after the dishwasher conked out 2 weeks ago) it was more about not being ready to handle those things because I let myself lose consciousness of how I choose to live my Life.

So the healing begins, the first aid kit is out and I put into motion the process of getting back on track. 

Today I will:
~ Sit and listen to nothing, knowing that's the best time to hear the most
~ Not over analyze feelings of bewilderment, so they can slip on by
~ Make time & stretch out the knots, releasing the stress weighing me down
~ Be creative ~ Daydream~ Blow bubbles
~ Start the wheels in motion for a project
~ Be kind to myself 

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