Sunday, August 3, 2014

Conscious Effort With A Mustache...................

It doesn't just happen, it isn't always easy and it does require deliberate effort.....  Simple gestures have the power to enrich our lives and so very sweetly those around us.

Living more consciously towards others just feels damn good to me! Sometimes it takes reminders...and then as soon as I do I feel recharged, like gasoline in a car....OK maybe not quite to intense but I'm hoping you'll give it a try.

Last week I was in a doctor's waiting room and an elderly women walked by. I complimented her on her embroidered jeans. I was thinking it and I wanted to let her know. She turned with a smile and thanked me. Her husband who was waiting for her chimed in with "I have a pair at home too." The playful banter provided levity for all of us to enjoy....then and later also whenever I think back to it.

While out for very yummy frozen yogurt last weekend, all the outside tables were taken. Still space at them mind you, but occupied just the same. In a deliberate manner, I pretended to go sit down and said 'hey mind if we sit with you??" The two guys gave a hesitant stare, which quickly turned to a welcoming "sure." I explained I was just goofing but always thought it would be fun to live in the South, where I envisioned everyone knowing everyone and chatting around town.  One of the guys explained that he was actually from Texas, here teaching at Rhode Island School of Design. Conversation went in an artful direction for a bit and ended with smiles and well wishes all around. It was just fun!!

One last recap (which I am not sure if I have shared still stays with me and I like to share it) While shopping recently a small boy, hand in hand with his Mom were walking towards me. He was wearing a playful cut out mustache. I commented how great it looked and I was so happy to have run into him while shopping because it made me happy! I thanked him for brightening my day! We high fived and went on our way.

As I walked away I heard him sweetly say to his Mom " I made her happy!!"
It warmed my heart more than I had imagined my commenting would.

Go ahead Dear Readers let out those happy thoughts you may be thinking while out on errands or at work....touch some lives with smiles, kind words and feel the vibe.

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