Sunday, June 8, 2014

When Was The Last Time You Did It?...................

While gardening last weekend and feeling the warming sun on my back and the beach towel under my knees, I decided to just do it! I rolled over on my back and did a little cloud gazing. It felt relaxing, whimsical, child like and a little playing hooky. Perfect combination for this sometimes wound tight mama. (there I said it...I can be wound tight!..I know it and realizing that working on it sure is helping)

Thinking about it now, I did recently dance, let's say, very enthusiastically while home alone a few weeks ago. My mission is to, yes, live in the moment, but also to psyche myself out that I am a carefree, don't need to plan everything kind of gal, who can spontaneously
roll on her back...for a little cloud gazing! 

It's working! My body reaps the benefits of my mind chilling out and being silly. Serotonin is increased and that my friends lends itself to a happy and content place to be.

So today's recommendation Dear Readers is to make a little fun happen on a regular basis. It feels great, it stays with you even after you stop and it's down right healthy for you. 

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