Saturday, May 31, 2014

A Face Of True Beauty...........


There is inspiration all around us. Whether we find it in watching a child discover they can ride a bike for the first time or tie their shoe, or watching an elderly person master putting on their socks, oh and how about the miracle of perennials ...that one still inspires me to keep coming back and trying again when I'm feeling discouraged.

Inspiration comes in many forms. One for me that stands as a reminder, validates my thoughts and truly inspires me is.....quotes!

The master of quotes for me has to be the incredible Maya Angelou! Her recent passing brought to mind her stand out quotes that have both captured my feelings and inspired me over the years.

One quote that I adopted years ago and consider a driving force of how I try to live my Life is..........

This quote both guides me and serves as a barometer in my day to day choices. I decided long ago that I would try and live a Life of making a difference for others. My thought was that it would keep my Life centered in a positive direction that would, however small, touch lives with kindness and make others truly FEEL!! (Secretly wishing there could be a pay it forward effect and together we could sprinkle our own part of the world with kindness)

So my two cents for today Dear Readers is "find your inspiration". Something that serves as your beacon to point you in the right direction and serve as your compass to keep you on track......perhaps a quote would be a match for you too. Find your "something to live by".

Rest in Peace Maya, though we never met, you play a pivotal role in how I live my Life...and for that I say a heartfelt Thank You!

For a collection of Maya Angelou's quotes, that just may inspire you... CLICK HERE

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