Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Sharing More Of My World................

Gestures of "saw this and thought of you", pictures that capture a special moment, cards that touched my heart, treats that harness a memory and accomplishments of my own, all adorn a corner in my studio.

Now mind you, it hadn't even occurred to me that I had such a special space. It came to light the other day when an article that someone copied for me because she said "it made me think of you and your family" made it's way to the shelf after I read it and wanted to hold onto it and preserve the happy feeling a special someone brought me. (you can see it there in the left lower corner. "Live Your Song")

There are all kinds of things stashed here, from a photo of friends and I with author Jodi Piccoult and even an email Jodi sent me after I invited her to girls hang out night when she was going to be in town...she replied to me...such a joy! (she couldn't attend...but still such a joy she replied!!) A note from E that made me smile ear to ear and an ornament of the world that my oh so talented husband painted the word PEACE on one Christmas when he asked the boys "what do you think Mom would like for Christmas. I mean tender, right?

It is an accumulation of years and memories that initially started on this fabric covered board that just kept expanding onto the wall next to it. It's now my own kind of I Spy book that brings me smiles when I take time to really look and remember each piece and the joy it brought me when first placed there.

So today's message Dear Readers is to think about creating a place for you, whether it be a bulletin board in your laundry room, or a decorative box on a nearby table or an artist's book of blank pages to fill. Create some place to capture your own moments, that you can randomly add to in no particular order, and so importantly go back to when you need that reminder, that bit of love or that shot of inspiration.

Take a close look and see what you can find.....like Life it holds so much more and we just have to take time to see it!

Peace ~

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