Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Look To The Light..................

As I look to pull together today's post, I wonder what direction I will go in. Sometimes it's perfectly clear, today, not so much!

With my blog, I try to share something that I hope is identifiable to others, and can serve as an aha! moment for both of us.

So for inspiration I flipped to my pictures of Old Quebec City, still on my traveling victory

Stopping at this picture above, I was reminded of the abundance of overwhelming feelings I had at the time I snapped it. Feeling unsettled, being far from home (not an easy feeling for me) but at the same time sooooo glad I was sitting in that very restaurant, enjoying this moment with my family, taking in all the laughter we were sharing.

This chandelier over our table was beautiful! I found myself becoming reminiscent of my fascination of my Memere's chandelier as a child. I thought of her strength and determination and drew my own from both.

The moment of realization that the uncomfortable traveling feelings were only a tiny part of what was really happening right then, filled me with ease. By taking in my surroundings, letting the unsettling thoughts just flow through me and not trying to over analyze them, was my aha! moment for sure!

When faced with uncomfortable, unsettling feelings Dear Readers, how we proceed is within our own powers. Try looking for your own chandelier... and all the light it can bring!

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