Saturday, April 26, 2014

Kicking Arse In Old Quebec City..................

Kicking fear's F'n Ass in Old Quebec City!

No not fear of germs in the street...... of letting fear hold me back from travelling.

Dear Readers, today I offer to you thoughts of encouragement and empowerment, to ease whatever holds you back in your Life. It doesn't matter if others understand it or not.....if it is crippling and difficult for you, then it is very real! Begin easing the anxiety.......take a breath.....commit to wanting to make it different for You! Start with tiny steps and watch the distance they will take you. Know that it will feel uncomfortable and you'll want the unsettling feelings to stop...the thing is this, those feelings are really the indicator that you are working on something, that once past it, will have the freeing reward of true accomplishment and moving forward! 

Be kind to yourself during the process...Remember positive self talk is much more beneficial than the damage of sabotaging ourselves with negative thoughts.

From experience I can share with you that it isn't an easy process, it doesn't happen quickly, it's never completely gone and it's not easy to navigate, [ready for the big but?]...BUT...stick with it and know the rush of "I did it", while doing your happy dance [or kissing the cobblestone] 
is totally.....Worth It!


phastings said...

Good for you! I'm proud of you. It isn't easy being away from "Home Sweet Home." Flying is my show stopper. So, I get it. You have opened new doors, new possibilities. It's exhilarating. Time to make memories in new locals. Bravo!

Maria said...

Thanks phastings! Your thoughtful comment means a lot to me!