Sunday, May 18, 2014

Find Your Words..............

Staircase in the Vatican
Words that impact me, stay with me for a long time. I use them for "go to" moments and continue to glean from them. Today, I share a few that have made a difference for me, in the hopes that they do the same for you.

"I'm living by my beliefs".  This powerful statement came from my dear seventeen year old son. As the two of us navigate these teenage years, let's just say we don't always see eye to eye, and tensions get high. This past week he shared those words with me and I thought to myself, "there is a lot of power in those words, don't ever let that go". OK my true thought was "there is a lot of power in those words, once you leave this housedon't ever let that go". But honestly, deep inside I am so glad he has such conviction at a young age. I know it will take him far, and serve him well.

"Do it now, or you might not get the chance". While chatting with a very elderly gentlemen, he shared with me that his Life slipped by because he kept putting things off. He admits to avoiding things out of fear and now feeling it was a limited Life as a result. His words resonated with me and I took them to heart. I revisit our conversation when I need that little nudge and grab hold of the strength he gave me.  

"I am where I'm suppose to be, doing what I'm suppose to be doing". Friends and I were recently catching up and one shared that she had left her job in order to be home more. Her children are young adults, still living at home and needing her in new ways. Her statement was full of a genuine peacefulness that touched me......Such pure joy to feel anchored in what you are doing!

Take the pieces that work for you Dear Readers: no not everyone can leave their jobs, but we can work to incorporating something into our lives that feels really really right. And think of staying true to your beliefs when faced with struggles and questioning what choice to make. Grab hold of strength that comes from believing in you and know that Life does go by quickly and there is not always "more time" to master all you want to experience. You can make it happen!

As a little side note to my post...when I asked the elderly gentlemen something he wished he had done, he replied "seen inside the Vatican". I made sure our next visit included pictures of the Vatican and all its beautiful glory.  It certainly did not make up for a Lifetime he felt had slipped away, but it did bring a smile to his face and tear to my eye.

                              Find your Vatican and hold on tight!

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