Wednesday, April 9, 2014

You Don't Have To Say Yes...................

On my ongoing quest to reduce stress and increase personal awareness in my Life, I am reminded of the importance of personal evaluation as things come up on a day to day basis.
When pondering the process to achieve such peace, I realize the important role making choices plays.
So my post today Dear Readers is a gentle reminder: before you say YES and take on another task, whether it's to make even more cupcakes for a school event (although Michelle Obama has put a stop to that) or take on more hours at work or join another committee, be sure to consider the effect it has on you and those closest to you. 
Will it tip the scale and put you onto a hamster wheel? Is it a choice that will trigger the ripple effect in a negative way?
Choose to make your ripple effect a positive one...see the power you have! 
Take care of YOU and others will benefit too!

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