Thursday, March 27, 2014

"Nice" Never Sounded So Good................

The silkiness of their fragile skin
the words they want to say

The confusion in their eyes
my initial pull to walk away

 Tender souls full of feelings and dreams
 I wonder how much my visit will truly mean

Her stare is dull from the weathered eyes she sees me through
  though while showing her pictures of flowers in Spring, 
her feelings I suddenly knew

Her look danced from the photo to me, as I felt at that moment 
how happy she could be

Her mumble became bit more clear
 as her lips they tried to convey
what her heart was feeling 
in her own special way

I listened ever so closely for the word she tried to form
knowing deep inside I longed 
to quiet her internal storm

Praying for ease so she wouldn't have to say it twice
then overjoyed by the gentle sound 
when I heard her whisper "nice" 

My belief is now confirmed of the awareness that lies within
as one struggles towards the end of simply let someone in

Post Inspiration
This week at work I was blessed to have an experience that both warmed and broke my heart. Words for a blog post bounced around in my head, to capture all I felt. It was heartwarming and uncomfortable, tender and humbling. 

Though it brought a tear to my eye, I was reminded of the importance to sometimes put others before our own discomfort......Easing someone else's pain, can allow healing within us too.


Linda Campbell said...

That is really beautiful Maria. Your way of conveying thoughts, images, and emotions with the written word is truly a gift. Thank you for sharing it.
God Bless.....
Linda (front desk staff @the Seaside Inn)
See you in August!

Sue Burek said...

That was beautiful...miss my mom very much.

Maria said...

Thank you Linda and Sue for sharing your thoughtful comments. Touching lives feels so good, doesn't it? You have both touched mine.

Sharon Casarella said...

Just beautiful...the words you've written, the stories you shared with us and your client... clearly made an impression! Words can make such a difference... opening our eyes, ears, and our hearts.
You are truly special!