Monday, January 16, 2012

Get Your Oxygen Here..................

When I originally started this blog I felt it's true calling would find me and I would be able to define the direction I wanted it to take. Three months in, and that is not the case. I continue to enjoy multiple avenues my thoughts take me and where the writing leads me.

Thinking it over this morning before sitting down to write, I realized there is a common direction of my blog...... "KINDNESS".  My postings follow a path of my journey of happiness and peace within myself and in turn seeking the goal of sharing it with others ...and so on and so on!

I truly believe we need to have peace within before we can begin to share kindness in our day to day encounters with others. It is so important we take care of ourselves, so we may share peace, kindness and joy with others, knowing that it will come back to us ten fold.

Something I like to do is take 10 quiet minutes for myself....alone with my thoughts, three deep cleansing breaths, and I picture my "happy place". Well, mine is I am sitting in a field of tall grass & wild flowers while the wind is blowing. OK tad bizarre I know, but it feels that there is no stress there and it clears my mind. Of course now that I think about it, I never considered garden snakes & bees....hmmm I may need to change my happy place. But you get what I mean right?? Take the time to nurture yourself, so you are able to bring to the surface the kindness that you have within and can share with others.

The airlines have it spot on when they instruct mothers to place the oxygen mask on themselves first so we can take care of our children.

It is time for us to truly breath and know that oxygen is within reach!

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